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AC Cobra - MIA Custom_CS
CS similar to real RC car I have.
(Larry A., , 140.4 KB)
05-03-2007 2417
AC Cobra MIA Custom Wings and ...
AC Cobra - MIA Custom Wings and Nitro Engine Variant What a fun model, not my own design. But I took the original and...
(Larry A., , 41.0 KB)
04-28-2007 2359
Blade CP Pro MIA Custom USA_EA
E-Sky King, A full Aircraft and Color Scheme Variant from Phrank's cool little CP Blade Heli 3D Model. NOTE: F...
(Larry A., , 1.65 MB)
05-03-2007 9017
A steroid'al version of a Carl Goldbeg Husky made from an electric Citabria Electric G3 file. Mamoth fun Airplane....
(Larry A., , 27.2 KB)
04-27-2007 716
MIA's Extreme Blimp Color Escheme This color scheme was posyted in the old swap pages a while back, along with MI...
(Larry A., , 214.3 KB)
05-03-2007 793
MIA Micro-FLIGHT Race Track an...
MIA Micro-FLIGHT Race Track and Field Ver 1.0 Design Layout Copyright 2007 Mario I. Arguello (www.micro-flight.c...
(Larry A., , 106.6 KB)
04-30-2007 1838
MIA_AC Cobra MIA Custom Wings ...
Recording of MIA Micro-FLIGHT version of AC cobra AV variant in Race car mode and running in MIA Micro-FLIGHT Track and...
(Larry A., , 531.8 KB)
04-30-2007 406

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