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Blade CP Pro V4_AV
Updated Blade CP based off the Axe CP. Still needs some work but better than previous version. Still has sinking problem...
(remyrw, , 35.8 KB)
11-30-2006 1392
Blade CP Pro, based off the MX400 in expansion 1. Check for an Axe variant shortly. fairly accurate to the Blade, don't ...
(remyrw, , 36.6 KB)
11-30-2006 1069
Blade CP Pro setup as a trainer via flybar weights. It's not really that accurate but should be close. Do NOT expect 3d ...
(remyrw, , 36.6 KB)
11-30-2006 1034
T-Rex 450XL_AV
T-Rex 450XL based off the AXE. This is very similar to how my T-Rex flies right now. If anyone has ideas for how to solv...
(remyrw, , 38.7 KB)
12-02-2006 2130

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