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Big Stick Magic 2_AV
This is a Big Stick from add-on1 made to fly like a Magic. Hope ya'll enjoy! The great paint sceme was made by, JTHarris...
(3benny3, , 29.4 KB)
06-16-2007 872
Cap 580 3D_AV
This is a cap 232 made in to a more fun 3D cap 580, have fun.
(3benny3, , 25.3 KB)
02-18-2007 1151
This is a 2x EDF, made by opjose not me.I just edited it.
(3benny3, , 23.4 KB)
02-03-2007 947
This is a electric foamy version of the F-86 based on the one from www.hobby-lobby.com/f86.htm . Hope ya'll like it and ...
(3benny3, , 26.2 KB)
12-02-2006 892
This is a edit of Nizz's PWF it is a bit smaller and takes off from grass better.
(3benny3, , 27.5 KB)
01-04-2007 545
This is a edit of inky00's skycar. I made it a little bigger, and made it stop wobbling at high speed. I also made it ...
(3benny3, , 28.4 KB)
04-26-2007 1037

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