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Boeing B-29 40 size EP conv...
here is the same 40 sized b-29 but it was converted to EP correctly resized and smooth
(warbird flyboy, , 20.1 KB)
12-29-2006 1420
Boeing B-29 40_AV
i put some time ino this its a 40 size b-29 it is correctly resized and has auto flaps flys great and very smooth for l...
(warbird flyboy, , 22.2 KB)
12-29-2006 1432
Custom Paint_CS
custom paint scheme for the mongoose
(warbird flyboy, , 37.5 KB)
12-23-2006 336
Horton P-51_CS
rock well scheme
(warbird flyboy, , 76.7 KB)
12-27-2006 498
Raptor 90 se_CS
raptor 90 scheme
(warbird flyboy, , 3.17 MB)
12-15-2006 2004
Raptor alan tribal_CS
alan szabo sun dog scheme
(warbird flyboy, , 409.5 KB)
12-16-2006 667
sod farm( winter)_AP
this airport fits the season its really snowy and u guys have fun AND FOR THOSE OF U WHO GAVE ME CRAP ABOUT IT DONT EVEN...
(warbird flyboy, , 130.0 KB)
12-22-2006 603
Twinstar 5D_AV
here is a twin star that has rotating wings for hovering and VPP props for inverted hovering use the 3.POS switch 1.no...
(warbird flyboy, , 32.2 KB)
12-29-2006 787
wm zero_AV
here is the world model zero i actually have one so it has the correct physics
(warbird flyboy, , 25.0 KB)
12-27-2006 1594

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