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Composite- ARF 260_CS
This is a CS I made For the Dalton Extra 260. I found this CS on the net. Original pics encluded. Enjoy!!!!!
(herc40, , 978.5 KB)
12-23-2007 1187
Crop Duster_CS
Here is a nice little Crop Duster CS to go along with Andy's vision. Great plane abaser, Thanks for the upload to the sw...
(herc40, , 519.5 KB)
12-07-2011 690
Curtiss Jenny Herc40 edit_AV
This is the Curtiss Jenny by Wingman57. I just tweaked it to fly level, or near level at top speed. Very nice plane Wing...
(herc40, , 25.4 KB)
07-13-2009 683
D-FJAK Racing #12_CS
This is a Jak-3 CS I found on the net. I liked it so much, I just had to make it. Hope you like it too. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!...
(herc40, , 2.64 MB)
01-03-2008 1042
Deuces Wild G35_ Electric_EA
Electric - Introducing the E-Flite Deuces Wild, the first Platinum Series twin motor sport plane, this plane showcases t...
(herc40, , 1.30 MB)
07-17-2009 2897
Deuces Wild G35_Four Stroke_EA
Four Stroke- Introducing the E-Flite Deuces Wild, the first Platinum Series twin motor sport plane, this plane showcases...
(herc40, , 1.30 MB)
07-17-2009 3638
Deuces Wild_EA
Introducing the E-Flite Deuces Wild, the first Platinum Series twin motor sport plane, this plane showcases the power, a...
(herc40, , 1.08 MB)
9.9 07-17-2009 7135
This is the 30% Dalton Extra 260 with a Dietrich CS. Enjoy!!!!!!
(herc40, , 645.0 KB)
05-04-2008 1592
Dorset Police Dept_CS
Dorset Police Dept. is the territorial police force responsible for policing the English county of Dorset in the south-w...
(herc40, , 299.3 KB)
05-06-2012 615
Double Vision_CS
This is the Double Vision CS as seen on Chip Hyde's bipe plane. i had to modify some part because of the way it was mapp...
(herc40, , 204.4 KB)
11-08-2011 483
This is Bonanza's Kick Butt CS. It has less reflectivity, and looks great. No need to rate this file, Just enjoy. Good j...
(herc40, , 754.8 KB)
06-01-2008 611
DR1 Black- Red._CS
This is a new spin on an old Scheme. This the DR1 In my red and black CS. Enjoy!!!!!!!!
(herc40, , 882.8 KB)
03-02-2008 334
DR1 Racing ._CS
This is the DR1 with a new CS. I call it DR1 Racing because the plane is set up for pylon racing. Enjoy!!!!!!
(herc40, , 542.3 KB)
03-02-2008 608
DuraPlane Aerobat 40_EA
This is the DURAPLANE AEROBAT 40. it is a second version that will address some of the minor flaws, deffects, and issues...
(herc40, , 1.50 MB)
01-22-2009 3030
This is a Re-physics for the E-500. changed the roll around center, and made the physics of the plane fit the size and s...
(herc40, , 21.8 KB)
11-08-2011 783
Ecliipse 500 Blue And White_CS
This the Blue ad White CS for the E-500. It has some parts that are not mapped so I did the best I could. Enjoy
(herc40, , 162.6 KB)
11-08-2011 448
EPP TERMINATOR all 6mm EPP designed by Jimmie Wade- alphafoamies.com Why EPP foam, easy, it almost never breaks, and ou...
(herc40, , 3.82 MB)
07-27-2009 3206
Ernie Masche Dietrich._CS
This is the Ernie Masche CS. Ernie Masche has been photographing races since 1983. He first started covering for the ...
(herc40, , 744.9 KB)
05-06-2008 833
Exrta 330S BA GREEN_CS
This is a Green scheme for the Extra 330s BA. Enjoy!!!!!!
(herc40, , 770.0 KB)
12-22-2007 944
This is the Extra 300L dressed in a color scheme I found in the AMA mag. hope you LIKE it, Enjoy
(herc40, , 154.1 KB)
06-17-2007 629

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