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Aerotech Phoenix G3_EA
3D Model by rcplanefubar (Tony Deiman) Original Designer Bob Parks Kit available at www.skykingrcproducts.com In...
(rcplanefubar, , 391.8 KB)
03-14-2009 3099
My first model the Alien UCAV 3D model by rcplanefubar Flight physics by rcplanefubar Collision mesh dhk79 Color sch...
(rcplanefubar, , 711.1 KB)
06-26-2007 4911
EMB-312 Tucano_EA
EMB-312 T27 Tucano 3D Model Tony Deiman (rcplanefubar) Pilot Busts Tony Elms (nemo_uk) Colorscheme Frank Ronquillo (p...
(rcplanefubar, , 2.40 MB)
09-04-2010 9217
F-100D Afterburner_AV
Inky's awesome F-100D now has an afterburner. Up to 90% throttle is normal past that the afterburner kicks in.
(rcplanefubar, , 28.2 KB)
05-27-2007 1352
My second plane the Interceptor. I designed it to change directions very quickly even on the ground it will rotate aroun...
(rcplanefubar, , 125.4 KB)
07-10-2007 5525
From the Jet_man himself. I asked him for a crazy version of my Alien UCAV and he deliverd . Move your throttle tri...
(rcplanefubar, , 37.6 KB)
05-07-2008 1245
Pond Racer Turboprop_AV
Here is a turboprop version. Top speed is 200mph. Landing gear brakes are on the throttle so there very easy to use. Thr...
(rcplanefubar, , 27.5 KB)
10-03-2007 949
Pond Racer_EA
New updated Pond Racer. Mostly just a glossier paint job and a few physics changes. 3D model and physics by rcplanefub...
(rcplanefubar, , 1.01 MB)
9.3 09-29-2007 8802
U-2 Dragon Lady._EA
U-2 Dragon Lady 3D modeling rcplanefubar Physics rcplanefubar and Cowboy Special thanks to Cowboy for all his help on...
(rcplanefubar, , 787.0 KB)
05-29-2008 8125
V1-Buzzbomb 5-25-07_AV
Improved flight perfomance. Flies straight and level and makes flat turns now when using the rudder. Enjoy
(rcplanefubar, , 21.0 KB)
05-25-2007 978
V1-Buzzbomb Stage 2_AV
90% throttle is first engine( about 150mph) 100% thottle engages second engine(about 305mph) and a black plume of smoke....
(rcplanefubar, , 21.2 KB)
05-26-2007 1093
Weston MagnumR._EA
Weston MagnumR 3D Modeling rcplanefubar Pivot points and Mapping willsonman Color Scheme smwpuck19 and Junkboy999 Ph...
(rcplanefubar, , 999.3 KB)
9.4 06-16-2008 6708
3D model rcplanefubar Pivot points dhk79 Mapping and CS Phrank Please post comments here http://www.knifeedge.co...
(rcplanefubar, , 1.36 MB)
9 10-19-2007 7643

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