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B-25J Mitchell GS._AV
This resembles hard work and guts, this B-25 flies awsome! You'll enjoy the newer physics, you'll notice more scale fl...
(Blade Scraper, , 36.7 KB)
03-08-2008 1629
B-25J Mitchell Super Scale._AV
This is as realistic as you can get. It's a 200'' B-25J Mitchell with many scale features. You'll notice the gear, and c...
(Blade Scraper, , 46.3 KB)
03-09-2008 6428
Bell 222 (Scale Head) Turbine_...
The updated bell 222 turbine,weighs 22 pounds with a very nice fuel supply,the blade RPM varies from 1100-1400. Please ...
(Blade Scraper, , 40.2 KB)
01-03-2008 3750
Bell H-13 Float Heli micro_AV
This a micro version of the bell H-13. Enjoy. ┏━━━━━━━━━ ...
(Blade Scraper, , 18.2 KB)
12-26-2007 1166
As requested a Black hawk scheme for the HH-60J Jayhawk. Enjoy
(Blade Scraper, , 269.4 KB)
08-21-2007 1332
Blade Scraper_Fury Extreme A-2...
here is me rppin with the fury extreme!
(Blade Scraper, , 1.63 MB)
04-21-2007 614
Blade's FloatStick._AV
The same Float Stick, only this time with an E-Flite Power 400e
(Blade Scraper, , 29.9 KB)
04-15-2008 704
Blade's NITE LIFE(Based On The...
(Blade Scraper, , 194.6 KB)
11-12-2007 478
Boeing PT-17 Stearman Super Sc...
This is a Super Scaled PT-17 Steerman from expansion pack #2. This is very fun to fly and is very realistic. It weighs a...
(Blade Scraper, , 52.9 KB)
02-18-2008 3520
BVM F-100D Super Sabre_AV
(Blade Scraper, , 22.7 KB)
11-12-2007 697
BVM F-100_AV
(Blade Scraper, , 22.6 KB)
11-12-2007 448
BVM F-86F Sabre 63''._AV
The Bob Violet Models F-86F Sabre represents Bob's hard work and experience, enjoy this varient. It's very close to the ...
(Blade Scraper, , 29.2 KB)
03-10-2008 2307
BVM KingCat Composite_AV
(Blade Scraper, , 22.3 KB)
11-12-2007 701
BVM Mig-15 68'' (P-120SE)._AV
(Blade Scraper, , 30.7 KB)
03-16-2008 998
BVM Mig-15 68''._AV
The Bob Violet Models Mig-15 represents Bob's hard work and experience, enjoy this varient. It's very close to the real ...
(Blade Scraper, , 29.5 KB)
03-09-2008 1211
C-130 Hercules(JC Turbo Prop)_...
Ive wanted to do a turbo prop 130,and now i did! Its powerd by 4 JetCat SPT5 Turbo props.Flys great. It Has Updated Ai...
(Blade Scraper, , 26.1 KB)
07-09-2007 4037
C-130 Hercules(Turbo Prop)_AV
A Turbo Prop C-130 Hercules edit for Crashed agains C-130M. This one has a much more complex wing with 3 sections inste...
(Blade Scraper, , 27.5 KB)
07-14-2007 2384
Camouflage 1_CS
A camo CS For the P-47 from add-ons#3 enjoy.
(Blade Scraper, , 1.02 MB)
08-21-2007 491
Canadair CL-215 90._AV
This is a larger .90 sized varient powered by 2 91 four stroke engines. I simply added a bit more weight and the flying ...
(Blade Scraper, , 49.1 KB)
03-02-2008 2086
Just a quick fix.
(Blade Scraper, , 27.5 KB)
10-10-2007 457

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