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World Model F-82 Twin Mustang_...
(Blade Scraper, , 29.6 KB)
11-11-2007 651
Yak-54 26%_AV
(Blade Scraper, , 29.1 KB)
11-12-2007 550
Yak-54 30%_AV
(Blade Scraper, , 29.3 KB)
11-12-2007 665
Yellow Aircraft AT-6 Harvard_A...
A very Nice flying Harvard AT-6 powers by a DA 100 with a wood prop with a 31 OZ fuel tank. Max speeed= 123MHP Weight=...
(Blade Scraper, , 25.5 KB)
05-13-2007 743
Yellow Aircraft AT-6 Texan_AV
Real nice flying texan representing the yellow aircraft texan shown below,powerd by a DA 100 have some fun!
(Blade Scraper, , 26.2 KB)
05-13-2007 690
Yellow Aircraft F-15C_AV
KE's F-15 edited to fly like the 22lb Yellow Aircraft F-15C Its powerd by a JetCat P-80 and has a 32 o.z Fuel Tank Fla...
(Blade Scraper, , 19.1 KB)
06-14-2007 944
Yellow Aircraft F-22 (Turbine)...
A completly redone F-22,resembling the yellow aircraft F-22 with a weight of 22lbs (Dry) and a weight of 34.56 lbs(wet)....
(Blade Scraper, , 21.0 KB)
06-13-2007 1407
Zivko Edge 540 Red Bull_AV
(Blade Scraper, , 29.8 KB)
11-13-2007 1173

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