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3DHS Extra_AV
This is my set up for the Extra SHP. Requires the Extra330L DC_EA. All I really did with this plane was i9ncrease the el...
(Doc Austin, , 32.0 KB)
08-22-2015 220
Edge 540T EXP Red Lightning_CS
(Doc Austin, , 743.4 KB)
03-18-2011 417
Edge 540T EXP Team Extreme 3_C...
More EXP fun.
(Doc Austin, , 248.9 KB)
03-18-2011 323
Edge EXP Blue Yellow_CS
I took three or four different Edges and cleaned them up a little, plus updated the stab to match the current EXP color ...
(Doc Austin, , 262.6 KB)
04-23-2015 219
This is my set up for the 50% Edge540 BH
(Doc Austin, , 27.1 KB)
02-25-2015 302
Extra EXP Jeff Boerboom__Blue_...
There was not a good examjple of Extreme Fight's killer 60" Extra EXP available for Real Flight G3.5, so I converte...
(Doc Austin, , 782.7 KB)
03-08-2015 186
Extra EXP Jeff Boerboom__Red_C...
There was not a good examjple of Extreme Fight's killer 60" Extra EXP available for Real Flight G3.5, so I converte...
(Doc Austin, , 612.7 KB)
03-08-2015 281
Extra EXP Team Extreme_CS
I used Alex Stephen's 330S BA IMAC._CS artwork as a template for getting the scheme close, but I ended up redrawing eve...
(Doc Austin, , 308.9 KB)
03-22-2011 473
Extra EXP_AV
This is my set up for the Extra330S BA.jpg
(Doc Austin, , 35.9 KB)
02-25-2015 264
Extra EXP__Team Yellow_CS
I love yellow airpanes!
(Doc Austin, , 352.1 KB)
05-19-2012 445
Extreme Flight Edge 540T EXP R...
This is the Extreme Flight 540T EXP in the red/white/blue color scheme. Roberto Padilla drew this file up and I just at...
(Doc Austin, , 891.0 KB)
04-16-2015 354
Thanks to Chris and Curtis of EXTREME FLIGHT for such awesome aircrat and customer service. Check out the elevator th...
(Doc Austin, , 309.7 KB)
02-12-2011 815
EXTREME FLIGHT Extra 300 EXP__ Lightning__Red
(Doc Austin, , 626.3 KB)
02-20-2011 444
This is my first real flight effort. I'm enjoying flying the extreme flight EXP series planes so much I wanted them for ...
(Doc Austin, , 1.40 MB)
02-12-2011 941
Big thanks to Daniel Holman who showed me how to export the color scheme and make an installable airplane. This is th...
(Doc Austin, , 1.63 MB)
02-12-2011 977
Red Bull Sbach EXP_CS
Just goofing around in photoshop.
(Doc Austin, , 1.87 MB)
04-28-2015 243
Red Bull Yak EXP_CS
I saw a Red Bull Yak here awhile back but couldn't find it any more, so I made my own. This is just a color scheme to fi...
(Doc Austin, , 679.4 KB)
03-03-2015 230
Russian Thunder EXP_CS
This is not much different from the original Real Flight G3.5 Russian Thunder. I just photoshopped it a little to make t...
(Doc Austin, , 558.6 KB)
03-02-2015 88
Russian Thunder Yak EXP 2015_C...
A big thanks to Roberto Padilla for doing all the artwork on this plane. He did a beautiful job and is working on a few ...
(Doc Austin, , 1.81 MB)
03-05-2015 215
Weenie Green Yak_CS
Just playing around in photoshop.
(Doc Austin, , 875.2 KB)
03-11-2015 237

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