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Macchi C 202 Folgore_EA
This is the Macchi C.202 Folgore (Lightning). Virtually unknown outside Italy, the C.202 Folgore was the best fighter ai...
(Boof69, , 20.84 MB)
06-01-2012 4342
McDonnell XP-67_EA
The McDonnell XP-67 (1940's Experimental Aircraft) Please note: This model was built for Real Flight 6 and may not fly...
(Boof69, , 7.94 MB)
12-01-2011 3964
Mikado Logo 800 Xxtreme_EA
MIKADO LOGO 800 XXTREME FBL From Mikado Model Helicopters this is the Logo 800 Xxtreme. This is a graceful 800 size el...
(Boof69, , 19.25 MB)
11-21-2012 12921
Mike Oser's Dagger_EA
This is Mike Oser's Dagger built as a group project and requested by Andy29847. This is a prototype RL model designed an...
(Boof69, , 958.7 KB)
05-01-2011 2884
Northrop YF-23 PAV-1(Black Wid...
Updated physics for RealFlight 6 and up. This is the Northrop YF-23 PAV-1. This sleak and stealthy Advanced Tactical ...
(Boof69, , 5.30 MB)
10-25-2012 4946
Outrage Velocity 90N2 FBL_EA
Outrage Velocity 90 N2 FBL This is the second vision of the Velocity 90 N not yet released for sale. This model was m...
(Boof69, , 14.98 MB)
10-25-2012 7435
Red and yellow neon.
(Boof69, , 12.49 MB)
11-24-2012 960
SAB Goblin 700_EA
This is the SAB Goblin 700. High price, high gloss, and high performance. This neon monster is a real performer. Dedi...
(Boof69, , 10.77 MB)
08-30-2012 18139
SpaceWalker Single seat 50% The SpaceWalker is a nice low wing gentle flyer. First flew in 1986 and designed by Jessi...
(Boof69, , 15.53 MB)
10-04-2011 4080
Stamp SV-4b_EA
The STAMPE et VERTONGEN SV.4b Please note: This model was built for Real Flight 6 and may not fly as intended for earl...
(Boof69, , 21.98 MB)
12-18-2011 4809
Stamp SV-4b_Monoplane_EA
This is a monoplane version of the Stampe et Vertongen SV.4b, made by special request for Nick.
(Boof69, , 16.79 MB)
12-25-2011 1666
Updated physics for RealFlight 6 and up. Power, throws, and balance adjusted. The Chester Goon Art Chester follow...
(Boof69, , 9.22 MB)
10-25-2012 2846
The New Ryan G5_EA
!ATTENTION!This model has working trim tabs controlled by the knob on the Interlink. Center the knob before flight for t...
(Boof69, , 9.82 MB)
04-02-2012 2807

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