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Cap 232 revised by apollo_13._...
this is my edited cap 232... on low rates it handles beautifly: just like a trainer, but can do everything up to an inv...
(apollo_13, , 29.5 KB)
07-17-2008 796
F-16 Falcon (Turbine) revised ...
this is a f-16 that i edited to fly better and more to scale the top speed it down has a brake it has more flap...
(apollo_13, , 23.3 KB)
07-19-2008 1555
f-35 thunderbirds._CS
this is the final version of the thunderbirds f-35 cs thanks to the CONSTRUCTIVE criticism given to me by fivespeedblue...
(apollo_13, , 268.3 KB)
08-25-2008 1132
flying field jhons island._AP
this ia a mock up of the actual field that i fly at this is the same as the old one but more realistic and up to date...
(apollo_13, , 88.7 KB)
07-07-2008 761
full scale airport with a fiel...
Alright you and your flying buds have just been leased a part of the real flight airport property. You have established...
(apollo_13, , 103.8 KB)
06-29-2008 1324
L-39 120 4 stroke._AV
this is a l-39 that has a os300 in it enjoy
(apollo_13, , 24.1 KB)
07-07-2008 534
L-39 ducted fan._AV
this is an l-39 that has a .90 ducted fan
(apollo_13, , 23.5 KB)
07-07-2008 575
L-39 revised._AV
this is an l-39 that i edited to fly more to scale it has more throws a to scale engine more flaps and a brake for...
(apollo_13, , 23.8 KB)
07-07-2008 429
Mr Deadstick_50% Edge540 BH_16...
Warning: this song can be very addictive, play with caution, uses only as directed play while listning to freebird (l...
(apollo_13, , 20.67 MB)
06-30-2009 391
NexSTAR acrobatis version._AV
this is a nextstar that i modified to be more acrobatic i put a .46 in instead of a .40 i got rid of the dihedral ...
(apollo_13, , 25.0 KB)
06-29-2008 689
Pinnacle F3a Revised by Apollo...
The origionial Pinnacle but with increased throws, and a gas engine... Flies very well and will do everything from a ...
(apollo_13, , 30.8 KB)
07-09-2009 1709
ShowTime 46 4D._AV
this is a repoost of my 46 size show time to trim perfectly: 4 clicks of up throttle 4 clicks left rudder 7 clicks...
(apollo_13, , 21.9 KB)
08-20-2008 1278
showtime 46._CS
a cs for my 46 showtime
(apollo_13, , 255.7 KB)
08-20-2008 554
Skybolt revised by apollo_13._...
no longer id the skybolt your regular realxing bipe... it is now a fully acrobaitc plane that can race down the feild a...
(apollo_13, , 37.8 KB)
07-19-2008 729
Sopwith Camel revised by apoll...
rais your hand if you have ever heard of a 3D sopwith camel (ok didnt think so ;-) impress your friends with 3D menuv...
(apollo_13, , 28.5 KB)
07-20-2008 666
Spitfire mk 13._AV
this is a spitfire that i edited to fly more to scale enjoy
(apollo_13, , 23.0 KB)
07-19-2008 690
Weston Magnum x._AV
this is a weston magnum that i edited it now has a rudder i put a 3 bladed and lesser pitch prop...this makes for high...
(apollo_13, , 31.9 KB)
08-16-2008 932

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