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23% Pitts Electric Variant_AV
A fella on you tube has an FMS 1400mm Pitts with almost the identical paint scheme as this beauty by our freind Abaser h...
(Fred Sutliffe, , 1.05 MB)
04-22-2015 409
28% Pitts Challenger II elec f...
From a nice original EA by Mark England, comes this 3D capable Foam electric re-scaled smoker to purely entertain us 'Bi...
(Fred Sutliffe, , 1.03 MB)
04-04-2016 321
A Yellow Kaydet_CS
In the early 50s pilots were still buying these planes from the gov., and many were showing up at our local field. They ...
(Fred Sutliffe, , 810.0 KB)
04-28-2015 342
Albatros DVa E Southcliff_AV
When asked why he would want to loose the element of surprise by painting his plane red, the Baron replied., "I don...
(Fred Sutliffe, , 2.17 MB)
02-16-2016 221
(Fred Sutliffe, , 2.39 MB)
03-13-2016 231
Black Velvet II CS_CS
FOR MARK ENGLAND'S CHALLENGER. I like it simple and clean but do feel free to add whatever you feel makes it seem like...
(Fred Sutliffe, , 190.9 KB)
04-04-2016 154
Bucker Jungmeister 2 Southclif...
Here 'tiz, the BU 133 Junmeister! new control surface and incidence tweaks, traditional prop., and as it should be fully...
(Fred Sutliffe, , 5.89 MB)
02-13-2015 303
Captain Browns SE5A sandbagger...
Thanks to PonyMan for the great AV! I kinda-sorta gave it a split personality via the rate switch so you can shoot down...
(Fred Sutliffe, , 2.17 MB)
02-14-2015 282
Cessna 182 cam rev_AV
I have modified the Cesna 182 to the best spec.s of my own model. The expos etc were all set up on my Futaba TX. The pro...
(Fred Sutliffe, , 357.9 KB)
01-30-2015 388
Cherry Pitts XP8 CS_CS
final CS for FMS S2B on XP8 enjoy!
(Fred Sutliffe, , 2.46 MB)
04-03-2016 247
Einfeld Baerschgarten_AP
It's spring in Bavaria at a rejuvenated ww-ll airfield. plenty of room for any kind of flying.Heli spawn in front of pil...
(Fred Sutliffe, , 334.7 KB)
03-23-2015 393
Ercoupe 100hp original airfoi...
I love this plane! Nizz has done an excellent job in its creation! Back in th late 60s and early 70s a good freind had o...
(Fred Sutliffe, , 357.1 KB)
03-27-2015 478
FMS 1400mm Cherry PITTS Vt Gra...
I found need to rescale the graphical to match the physics rescale I had done (it seems when you use the rescale physics...
(Fred Sutliffe, , 1.04 MB)
04-28-2015 435
FMS 1400mm Cherry PITTS Vt_AV
Some optional tweaks to enjoy with my FMS Pitts Special. Thanks again to Abaser for the fantastic original 33% Pitts s-1...
(Fred Sutliffe, , 1.04 MB)
04-22-2015 369
FMS 1400mm Pitts SEA TC_EA
At last, an FMS 55 inch Pitts foamer on RF! not an S2 B but close enough to accomodate all my specs from my model extrem...
(Fred Sutliffe, , 1.95 MB)
04-15-2015 1711
FMS G-KEMY 1400mm electric V2_...
Thought you folks might like a popular FMS 55 incher I bought a few years back and with the same Futaba settings and cog...
(Fred Sutliffe, , 1.03 MB)
05-21-2015 531
(Fred Sutliffe, , 4.14 MB)
05-21-2015 313
Freds Cherry Pitts n Stripes_C...
After only adding stripes to the top wing on my actual model, my orientation was improved 100% in bright glare and white...
(Fred Sutliffe, , 371.1 KB)
04-28-2015 271
Freds FMS Cherry PITTS_CS
Here 'tiz Guys 'n Gals...the promised CS of my own FMS 55" Pitts...I call Her Cherry Pitts! the nose art is off the...
(Fred Sutliffe, , 464.7 KB)
04-22-2015 283
FW-190A Final Tweaks_AV
Probably my pick of German fighters., I decided to tweak all the previous versions to make one actually represent what t...
(Fred Sutliffe, , 4.07 MB)
01-31-2015 363

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