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B2 Spirit Stealth Bomber_EA
B2 Spirit Stealth Bomber II This version of the model will fly in 3.50.044 To avoid conflicts, remove previous versi...
(phrank, , 719.6 KB)
9.5 03-18-2007 24648
Blade CP Classic Yellow_CS
For the nostalgic, here is a Classic Blade CP Canopy.
(phrank, , 2.69 MB)
04-27-2007 2329
Blade CP Etail Classic Yellow_...
Classic Blade CP yellow canopy for Electric Tail Version.
(phrank, , 2.69 MB)
04-27-2007 1349
Blade CP Extreme Green_CS
Blade CP Extreme Green Color Scheme.
(phrank, , 3.15 MB)
05-04-2007 1454
Blade CP Extreme Yellow_CS
Blade CP Extreme Yellow Canopy with Blue Aluminum.
(phrank, , 2.84 MB)
05-04-2007 1144
Blade CP Extreme_EA
Blade CP Extreme. v1.1 An Aftermarket Blade CP Pro with Aluminum and Brushless upgrades. Physics: Bladescraper Color...
(phrank, , 2.69 MB)
9.6 05-01-2007 12962
Blade CP Pro Etail_EA
Blade CP Pro with true Electric Tail. "Advanced Pilot" * Physics by HX3D014... Learning curve for the...
(phrank, , 4.43 MB)
04-27-2007 7769
Blade CP Pro Yellow_CS
High Visibility Yellow Canopy for Blade CP Pro.
(phrank, , 2.93 MB)
04-27-2007 1320
Blade CP Pro_EA
Blade CP Pro with G90 HH Gyro. Idle-up and Normal flight modes via the upper right switch, just like the Real-life Blad...
(phrank, , 4.44 MB)
9.3 04-27-2007 16960
Blade CX2_EA
Blade CX2 with Aluminum upgrade Hubs, Swashplate, and Motor Heatsink. Low Rates - "Feels" like a stock CX2 H...
(phrank, , 4.14 MB)
9.4 04-10-2007 27140
Bliss Realflight G4 Photofield. A popular Hang Gliding site in the Milpitas California Foothills. Thanks to the foll...
(phrank, , 16.51 MB)
04-14-2008 5178
CDT Trex500 CF Yellow._CS
Looking for a little more visibility for your Trex500? Here is an optional Yellow canopy with Chrome trims, and Yellow ...
(phrank, , 2.72 MB)
03-09-2008 3103
CX2 Marine_CS
Blade CX2 Marine Body Color Scheme
(phrank, , 2.52 MB)
04-10-2007 1887
E-Flite P-47D Thunderbolt 400 ...
Allright you "Jug" lovers! This color scheme is of my very first R/C Warbird. Still flies wonderfully. Not...
(phrank, , 4.27 MB)
01-18-2007 2154
HS1286 Yellow Black CF_CS
Trex 450SE V2 G45 Colorscheme for Yellow Canopy/Black Lightning bolt Align Lid. CF sideframes. Uses specular map for me...
(phrank, , 5.11 MB)
12-02-2008 2089
HS1287 Red Yellow GF_CS
Trex 450SE V2 G45 Colorscheme for Red Canopy/Yellow Lightning bolt Align Lid. GF sideframes. Uses specular map for met...
(phrank, , 5.04 MB)
12-02-2008 1669
Midget Mustang Tiger Stripes_C...
Midget Mustang Tiger Stripes Skin. This "Updated" skin works with final version of Midget Mustang.
(phrank, , 1.19 MB)
03-02-2007 588
Midget Mustang_EA
Midget Mustang, a popular homebuilt airplane, manufactured by Mustang Aerounatics http://www.mustangaero.com. I used th...
(phrank, , 828.8 KB)
03-02-2007 2222
Wait.... There is a final version of this plane available, please grab the new one, and delete this version from Realfl...
(phrank, , 742.3 KB)
02-26-2007 2050
Moffett Airfield_PI
Moffet Airfield v1.2, A historic airfield dating back to the early 1930's as home to USS Macon Airship. Previously o...
(phrank, , 16.45 MB)
9.8 07-22-2007 8482

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