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Alpine Meadow - Barnstorming_A...
A little edit of "Alpine Meadow". You can fly through the barn, below the fence or even play soccer. Also list...
(0xdeadbeef, , 196.0 KB)
11-23-2006 1756
Carbon Traveler Convertible_EA
Carbon Traveler Convertible The ultra-light, portable, indestructible, electric 3D trainer 3D model and physics model ...
(0xdeadbeef, , 669.6 KB)
9.5 05-24-2007 5582
Hacker Model ZoomBi_EA
Hacker Model ZoomBi 4D. High performance biplane for indoor and outdoor extreme aerobatic flying. Wing span 85cm, length...
(0xdeadbeef, , 2.07 MB)
11-20-2006 3168
Pitts Python (small electric)_...
Smaller (30% of the original model) electrified version of Inky00's great Pitts Python. 3D model and colorscheme by Mark...
(0xdeadbeef, , 44.3 KB)
01-07-2007 1468
SuperFly V3 by SuperFlyRC.com A durable EPP delta wing for low and fast speeds 3D model, textures and flight model by ...
(0xdeadbeef, , 961.2 KB)
9.2 06-07-2007 7959

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