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Color Scheme for the Bonanza, modified colors to match the flame job I put on it. Flames over and under the plane. Also...
(Chromenut, , 783.9 KB)
08-13-2008 524
Corsair Battle Ready2_AV
Improved AV over my last one - better sounding guns, better looking tracers, improved smoke for better realism. This ...
(Chromenut, , 24.1 KB)
10-19-2009 1426
The F4U Corsair, Bayou Baby, has been through some real scrapes of late. The war wages on and Betty's got some bruises ...
(Chromenut, , 1.60 MB)
10-19-2009 969
Easy Sport Bald Eagle for G4._...
An update of my Bald Eagle CS for the Easy Sport for G4. This time blending some sky colors into the theme, so don't lo...
(Chromenut, , 820.9 KB)
08-25-2008 605
Extra 300S RH NFL Var._AV
Simple variant set up for the Extra 300s to go along with my NFL CS file. The variant has a couple minor tweaks then ad...
(Chromenut, , 28.5 KB)
08-24-2008 558
Extra 300s RH scheme._CS
An NFL CS for the Extra 300s, fuselage is the football, with turf and yard markers on the wing... hope you like it...
(Chromenut, , 2.11 MB)
08-24-2008 450
Extra330L DC._AV
Simple variant of the 300L for Zelf, my buddy over in Norway. Let me know if it works Zelf!!!
(Chromenut, , 39.5 KB)
09-15-2008 1099
Personalized color scheme for the Vans RV6a, with 3d polarized cabin glass, newly traced body panels, completely cleaned...
(Chromenut, , 423.6 KB)
10-10-2009 577

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