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B-1B (GBU-31x18)_EA
Do you like carpet bombing the enemy and random civilians on a whim? Do you like showing others who's boss? Does havin...
(mwilson914, , 3.39 MB)
12-24-2011 6258
B-1B Lancer (GBUx12)_EA
B-1B Lancer for Realflight 6 For Realflight 6 Version 6.00.025 or above This model has had a few physical twea...
(mwilson914, , 3.40 MB)
11-10-2011 5220
B2 Spirit Stealth Bomber (Comb...
B-2 Stealth Bomber (Combat) I've created this AV for dropping bombs in mock-combat missions requiring nothing less th...
(mwilson914, , 32.8 KB)
02-21-2010 2514
Balsa Rubberband Plane_EA
Rubberband powered balsa airplane I bought for my boys at the hobby store. This one is converted to electric for the si...
(mwilson914, , 2.10 MB)
05-23-2010 3425
Bergen Gasser (Nitro Conversio...
Bergen Gasser (Nitro Conversion) Second upload--Didn't notice shaking on first AV, so I removed it. Hope you like th...
(mwilson914, , 40.5 KB)
04-03-2010 683
Convair B-58 Hustler_EA
The B-58 was a spectacular aircraft in almost every regard, elegant with its long, slender, wasp-waisted fuselage and it...
(mwilson914, , 6.48 MB)
06-13-2010 9437
District 10_AP
District 10 airport. This is based losely on the District 9 movie, but if we got to see District 10. I haven't done ...
(mwilson914, , 24.13 MB)
03-09-2011 787
E-Flite Ascent 450 BL PNP (spe...
E-Flite Ascent 450 BL PNP with 8.3oz/sq ft wing loading. The original wasn't too far off from the manufacturers wing ...
(mwilson914, , 19.7 KB)
03-30-2011 1023
E-Flite Ascent 450 BL PNP_EA
he E-flite Ascent 450 BL PNP Throttle controlled with left stick Elevator and rudder are both controlled on the righ...
(mwilson914, , 2.12 MB)
07-05-2010 4047
E-Flite Ultra-Micro 4 Site--ve...
E-Flite Ultra-Micro 4 Site--version 2 I modified the physics to fly with a little more power. I'm not sure exactly h...
(mwilson914, , 30.6 KB)
05-16-2010 1801
E-Flite Ultra-Micro 4 Site_EA
E-Flite Ultra-Micro 4 Site ***Important notice. Some people have reported issues with either model not letting them i...
(mwilson914, , 1.43 MB)
05-16-2010 5409
E-Flite UMX ASK-21_EA
UMX ASK-21 BNF Overview The E-flite® UMX™ ASK-21 model is a scale RC sailplane of the renowned two-seater designed b...
(mwilson914, , 1.48 MB)
10-12-2013 3072
Eflite Sukhoi26-Matt's edit_AV
E-Flite Sukhoi SU-26m 480 variant. I changed some of the flight characteristics to more closely represent the feel of m...
(mwilson914, , 37.0 KB)
10-24-2009 1445
F-15E (RF6)_EA
F-15E (RF6 Version) This version of the F-15E now has 6 GBU-12 guided bombs which are released sequentially by pushin...
(mwilson914, , 12.80 MB)
11-10-2011 8098
F-15E Strike Eagle (bomb dropp...
F-15E with drop bombs. I can't believe no one else did this yet! Instead of using the 3 position switch for the arrest...
(mwilson914, , 22.5 KB)
03-13-2011 1180
f-15e strike eagle_CS
F-15E Strike Eagle High Resolution CS
(mwilson914, , 12.06 MB)
03-08-2011 906
F-15E Strike Eagle_EA
This model is of the F-15E Strike Eagle in 1/5th scale. Description from Boeing's website: The F-15E Strike Eagle ...
(mwilson914, , 4.18 MB)
03-08-2011 12763
F-15E(A2A_Load)(Combat ready)_...
F-15E (A2A Load)(Combat Ready) I made it so I might as well share. The canopy and arrestor hook functions have bee...
(mwilson914, , 21.4 KB)
06-26-2011 1007
This model is of the F-15E Strike Eagle in 1/5th scale. *This version has been modified with an Air-to-Air Weapons lo...
(mwilson914, , 4.14 MB)
05-22-2011 4987
F-15E with Formation lights for night flying. Created this by request for Aero (Peter) I also fixed the brightness...
(mwilson914, , 8.62 MB)
10-21-2012 5282

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