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BVM Ultra Bandit_EA
Low poly model with a very simple paint layout. Ch8 releases the wing tanks. all work done by oneder
(oneder, , 1.01 MB)
11-28-2012 8278
Cessna Citation Latitude_EA
Cessna Citation Latitude for RF6.5 3D Model by oneder Paint Job by oneder Flight Model oneder *Special thanks to...
(oneder, , 5.25 MB)
08-11-2013 6054
Durafly Zephyr V-70_EA
Durafly Zephyr V-70 High Performance 70mm EDF V-Tail Glider 1533mm Zephyr Model by......................oneder E...
(oneder, , 6.70 MB)
10-18-2012 3548
P-38 Lightninig_EA
P-38 Lightning This is a 1/5 scale P-38 Created by oneder -hope you all enjoy flying the forked tail devil!
(oneder, , 6.83 MB)
08-30-2013 8708
Ripslinger from Disney's new movie Planes All work done by oneder
(oneder, , 1.57 MB)
08-18-2013 4408

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