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AeroScout hand launch_EA
A Hand launch AeroScout.
(Donamy, , 383.0 KB)
07-15-2019 183
I'm new to RF and RC in general. This my first model for RF. This is the Aero Scout from hobbyZone. I'm thinking of get...
(Donamy, , 466.4 KB)
07-03-2019 418
Blanik Glider_EA
A new L-13 Blanik Glider, with animated cockpit and better graphics. This version is for use with the Interlink X. ...
(Donamy, , 2.46 MB)
10-22-2019 201
Blanik OK-4832_CS
Blanik Glider OK-4832
(Donamy, , 2.01 MB)
10-22-2019 53
Blanik YU-5326_CS
Blanik YU-5326
(Donamy, , 1.84 MB)
10-23-2019 59
E-flite P39_EA
E-flite P39 with SAFE Thanks to: technoid legoman BrokeDad Uncle Twist
(Donamy, , 5.80 MB)
07-28-2019 525
E-flite Timber Turbo_EA
E-flite Timber Turbo STOL
(Donamy, , 551.3 KB)
07-14-2019 747
E-flite Turbo Timber Floats_EA
E-flite Turbo Timber w/floats Updated the Turbo Timber model and added floats.
(Donamy, , 4.14 MB)
08-29-2019 393
E-flite Valiant Floats_EA
E-flite Valiant Float Version.
(Donamy, , 704.4 KB)
08-13-2019 210
E-flite Valiant Tundra_EA
E-flite Valiant with tundra tires.
(Donamy, , 689.9 KB)
08-14-2019 432
E-flite Valiant_EA
E-flite Valiant by request. with SAFE Enjoy !!
(Donamy, , 850.1 KB)
08-12-2019 328
E-flite Viper_EA
E-flite Viper EDF with SAFE Thanks to technoid RoryTRc and BrokeDad for the flight fix.
(Donamy, , 1.07 MB)
08-06-2019 606
FMS Super Viper_EA
FMS Super Viper
(Donamy, , 1.00 MB)
08-19-2019 601
This model was fun to make. Here's another color scheme for it.
(Donamy, , 4.09 MB)
08-09-2019 144
L-13 Blanick OK-1840_CS
L-13 Blanik Jet OK-1840 from the Czech Republic, flown this year at the NATO airshow.
(Donamy, , 2.00 MB)
10-22-2019 54
L-13 Blanik Jet IntX_EA
A new L-13 Blanik Jet, with animated cockpit and better graphics. This version is for use with the Interlink X. Li...
(Donamy, , 2.55 MB)
10-22-2019 208
L-13 YU-5331_CS
L-13 Blanik YU-5331 "The PHANTOM of the SKY"
(Donamy, , 1.96 MB)
10-25-2019 55
Leo Air Force_CS
Air Force Scheme for the Leonardo by Redwings
(Donamy, , 602.8 KB)
12-20-2019 50
Leo Blue_CS
Leonardo in Blue
(Donamy, , 484.3 KB)
11-30-2019 59
Leo NAVY Aggressor_EA
NAVY Aggressor for the Leonardo Jet. New Turbine sound with smoke effects done by PilotAt6. InterLink DX Switch...
(Donamy, , 1,022.4 KB)
11-27-2019 353

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