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Alpha 40 72mhz Theme_CS
Alpha 40 72mhz / ARF Scheme : This is the original Alpha 40 scheme used for the RTF planes with the 72mhz radios, and st...
(opjose, , 687.4 KB)
04-17-2009 1128
AT402 Crop Duster_AV
Air Tractor Variant This corrects the left yaw, and adjusts performance of this plane. I used to watch these thing...
(opjose, , 23.8 KB)
05-29-2007 1158
Big Stik 60 SuperTigre 75_AV
Got the CS? Good now fly the .60 version with a SuperTigre .75 engine. Be the first on the G4 block to pilot the ...
(opjose, , 31.4 KB)
12-29-2007 1444
Boeing PT-17 Cadet Nitroplanes...
Nitroplanes PT-17 Cadet Stearman 40S based upon Inky00's wonderful Cowled Stearman. ( make sure you have the "B...
(opjose, , 35.3 KB)
05-23-2007 1250
Booray Metalic._CS
Booray Metallic Opalescent. Done as an exercise in producing a metallic pearly effect. Multiple alpha layers are use...
(opjose, , 2.43 MB)
04-20-2008 577
Dave Patrick Ultimate_CS
As per request: The Dave Patrick colorscheme for the stock Ultimate BiPlane
(opjose, , 855.2 KB)
12-10-2006 871
Dynam Peaks Foam BiPlane_AV
As requested: The durable and lightweight Peaks does everything well: high and low-speed flying, advanced 3D aerobati...
(opjose, , 12.7 KB)
07-23-2012 639
E-Flight Ultimate FX 3D 400 Mo...
Updated for G3.5 the E-Flite Ultimate FX 3D foam Biplane. This airplane features all foam construction but with a 3D fu...
(opjose, , 39.1 KB)
12-11-2006 2481
E-Flite 3D FX Ultimate Colorsc...
An updated version of the E-Flite colorscheme based upon L0stS0uls' original and excellent work.
(opjose, , 73.8 KB)
12-11-2006 1592
E-Flite Brio Ten with E-Flite ...
This modifies the WONDERFUL Brio 10 produced by Inky00, to adjust it to a more "real world" flight model. R...
(opjose, , 29.6 KB)
12-14-2006 1542
E-Flite Brio Ten with E-Flite ...
I'm fed up with E-Flite's expensive "recommended" setups. Here is how I am currently flying my real Brio 10...
(opjose, , 31.2 KB)
05-10-2007 1252
E-flite Extra 260 - E-Flite 48...
Inky00's EXCELLENT E-Flite Extra 260 Fixes: Brings the physics characteristics in line with the real deal. Battery consu...
(opjose, , 29.5 KB)
09-02-2007 2267
Electrifly VFO With Full Mixes...
This is a Variant for AlternateRC's User Created VFO that corrects the surface mixing problem and makes the surfaces rea...
(opjose, , 33.2 KB)
03-19-2011 690
F-117 Nighthawk_EA
(opjose, , 1.22 MB)
11-24-2006 47447
FA-18 Fix_AV
Fix for the FA-18 flight model. Removes the uncommanded snap tendancies at high alpha. Restores "stall loops&qu...
(opjose, , 23.7 KB)
08-04-2007 1435
Foxhunter Pylon Racer Fix_AV
A modification to Nizz's Excellent Foxhunter Pylon racer to give it qualities similiar to most "racers". En...
(opjose, , 18.7 KB)
12-30-2006 1158
Funtana 40S Hangar 9_CS
This is the Hangar 9 40S colorscheme for Maxkop's ICE Funtana 40S plane. This is based upon JCHarrist's original desi...
(opjose, , 344.7 KB)
12-31-2006 2038
Funtana S90_CS
Updated Funtana S90 Colorscheme for the Funtana-2007-90-ICE_EA. This modification adds the missing underside colorsch...
(opjose, , 367.3 KB)
12-26-2006 2004
Funtana-2007 50% ICE_AV
This variant scales Maxkop's Funtana ICE up to the 50% mark. Parameters have been obtained by extrapolating from othe...
(opjose, , 30.2 KB)
12-31-2006 1736
Funtana-2007-90-ICE FS 120 Fou...
This is a small update to the Funtana S90 by Maxkop, physics to cure a small problem due to a change in the collision me...
(opjose, , 29.0 KB)
12-26-2006 1796

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