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3D Sierra Simple Grass - No Ob...
3D Sierra Nevada blank slate. Use as is for training, no stress flying, or customize to your liking.
(BrokeDad, , 216.6 KB)
04-22-2016 590
480Xx White-Green_CS
A white and green color scheme for the Mikado Logo 480XXtreme
(BrokeDad, , 4.19 MB)
03-21-2018 96
A color scheme variation for the 7HV. Kind of an Angry Bee. The "eye" really stands out. Added some faded bl...
(BrokeDad, , 2.54 MB)
07-23-2016 252
The Alees Rush 750 but 25% larger with custom blue blades. If they don't come through let me know on the forum. Other ...
(BrokeDad, , 2.44 MB)
12-11-2017 174
Align T-Rex DFC10E PRO_AV
This is a 500 doubled in size. It is TOTALLY FICTIONAL in respects to weight, head speed, power, etc. I did it just fo...
(BrokeDad, , 7.77 MB)
08-06-2016 637
Align T-Rex 500 EFL PRO_AV
Here is a variant to simulate the Align T-Rex 500 EFL Pro. It's a good mid-sized flybarless 3D helicopter. The canopy...
(BrokeDad, , 7.59 MB)
05-26-2016 794
Angry Stik Blue_CS
Blue Color Scheme for the Angry Stik by technoid
(BrokeDad, , 1.43 MB)
06-19-2016 200
Angry Stik LS_AV
Angry Stik Large Scale "Land softly and fly a Big Angry Stik" Original EA by technoid needed
(BrokeDad, , 51.0 KB)
06-19-2016 215
Big Krate_AV
technoid's wonderful krate sized up double for those of us who like flying quarter scale models. Physics modified for s...
(BrokeDad, , 55.8 KB)
08-13-2016 217
Blade 230 V2_AV
A more refined 230 variant from the previous quickie. Idle up works properly, parts and dimensions scaled better. Cust...
(BrokeDad, , 13.20 MB)
06-20-2016 811
Blade 230_3D_AV
I couldn't find a comparable RF heli to match my 230S so I made this up based on the 130X. It is in 3D mode only (No saf...
(BrokeDad, , 303.3 KB)
06-10-2016 653
Blade 400 3D_AV
This is the old Blade 400 3D with flybar. I have fixed several problems with it for RF7.5 like the CG as well as the p...
(BrokeDad, , 1.10 MB)
09-18-2016 416
Brokedad Huey Fighter_AV
A 400% sized Huey Combat Helicopter. This is easy and fun to fly. It could almost be a beginner helicopter. I've made ...
(BrokeDad, , 52.6 KB)
04-23-2016 412
Civil Defense 200_AV
The Civil Defense enlarged to 200% of original. A wonderfully rock stable fun plane to fly. I'm surprised there has ne...
(BrokeDad, , 233.5 KB)
05-22-2016 250
Compass eXo 800N_AV
A fictional eXo 500 scaled up too 800 class with a OS 91 Nitro engine. I did this as an example for someone wanting to ...
(BrokeDad, , 262.6 KB)
07-15-2016 611
Compass eXo 800_AV
A fictional 800 sized variant of the Compass eXo 500. See if you can handle this one 3D Pros. Hope you enjoy it.
(BrokeDad, , 1.85 MB)
07-05-2016 591
Curtiss JN4-D2 Jenny 200_AV
This is a double sized version of technoid's masterpiece Jenny JN4-D2. Many thanks to Doug Schluter for all the continu...
(BrokeDad, , 1.95 MB)
09-24-2017 158
Dominion 3D 90 FBL Stretch_AV
This was just a fun thing to do considering it was Shark Week on TV. This is the JAWS color scheme on my pics. Here is...
(BrokeDad, , 45.0 KB)
07-03-2016 310
EA Havoc BD_AV
I made the plane more balanced. The brakes have been moved to the CH. 8 3 position switch with all the way back being o...
(BrokeDad, , 50.7 KB)
05-22-2018 155
Edgley Optica 200_AV
A somewhat unique model the Edgley Optica. I have added a cockpit camera that moves left/right/up/down in conjunction w...
(BrokeDad, , 357.5 KB)
09-15-2016 386

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