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Altered engine sound , and a little faster Don't forget Dr.moo!'s EA..........See Requires for link
(Maj. Numbskully, , 17.9 KB)
11-16-2012 524
New CS...ok , ok its just a spec map color fill ...shot me.........errrr take me to your leader !
(Maj. Numbskully, , 101.9 KB)
11-16-2012 448
301st AF Reserves F-16_CS
duner_50(DaD) requested a gray F-16 CS This is one from the 301st AF Reserves stationed Near where I Live at the Na...
(Maj. Numbskully, , 4.42 MB)
07-25-2010 2267
360X360ObstacHeLL coursesIII4_...
MAJ. NUMBSKULLYs 360X360 ObstacHelLL CoursesIII4_5 fixed helie spawn, added second "moon" spawn, added ...
(Maj. Numbskully, , 245.0 KB)
03-27-2009 1521
3DHS Extra 300L SHP_blue_CS
Requested Color change to an original CS by mikeymike21 Except for colors used and no Swiss cross it is the Same CS...
(Maj. Numbskully, , 1.11 MB)
01-02-2011 1312
Aero-naut Katana KV-20_EA
CS by Maj. Numbskully.......Incl. Normals files 3D Model by jeffpn Physics by jeffpn, with a tweak from dhk79 Built...
(Maj. Numbskully, , 4.43 MB)
12-25-2010 3972
AG-14 VDub_CS
A humorous twist................. I couldn't resist bump mapped hardware/Emblems
(Maj. Numbskully, , 5.45 MB)
12-20-2010 715
Trex 600 black n gray w\ graduated blue \ yellow "slashes" PLEASE don't rate this or anyones swap page file ...
(Maj. Numbskully, , 644.1 KB)
02-17-2009 1395
Art-Tech Diamond 2500 PRO_EA
3D MODEL BY jeffpn (uploaded with his permission) Physics by Maj. Numbskully with a few tweeks by jeffpn Color Schem...
(Maj. Numbskully, , 1.27 MB)
09-16-2010 4528
B-17 Memphis Belle_CS
Boeing B-17 “Memphis Belle” ........Please Rate NOTE: This is for "Cowboys" B-17 ....NOT the Add-Ons 3 B-17...
(Maj. Numbskully, , 9.24 MB)
06-04-2009 2800
B-58 Hustler '62 Bendix Trophy...
B-58 1962 Bendix Trophy Winner Also known as the "Cow Town Hustler" In 1931 Cliff Henderson decided that t...
(Maj. Numbskully, , 15.67 MB)
06-26-2010 3156
Bad Ace Embossed Ar-6_CS
Bad Ace AR-6 made this one for Dr. Moo! as he wanted a CS for his Bad Ace obstacle Course Challenge and Also As a small...
(Maj. Numbskully, , 2.66 MB)
06-01-2009 779
Blade CP Pro 2_CS
Blade CP Pro2 CS
(Maj. Numbskully, , 2.69 MB)
05-24-2009 1559
Blue Metal Flake An experiment with metal flake This CS is at 4096 , for some reason if its reduced to 2048 it los...
(Maj. Numbskully, , 6.22 MB)
07-20-2010 457
Boeing B-17F_ Memphis Belle_CS
Boeing B-17 “Memphis Belle”..........Please Rate NOTE: This is for "Cowboys" B-17 ....NOT the Add-Ons 3 B-1...
(Maj. Numbskully, , 8.67 MB)
06-04-2009 2835
Budweiser ParaGlider Gunner_CS
Budweiser paraglider
(Maj. Numbskully, , 3.55 MB)
05-24-2010 1756
Budweiser ParaGlider_CS
The name says it all
(Maj. Numbskully, , 953.7 KB)
05-24-2010 1078
StevensAero (S300) Cap 232 IMAC 36.5” wing span , weighs in at only 16 Oz.! 3D Modeling By jeffpn Physics By jeffp...
(Maj. Numbskully, , 14.83 MB)
08-07-2010 3730
Carbon Bat P-51_CS
A re-post of one of my first posted CSs re-posted by request (kinda) LOL..........can you tell I've learned a few thi...
(Maj. Numbskully, , 3.54 MB)
11-20-2010 581
Carl Goldberg Eagle 2_EA
CS by Maj. Numbskully model by jeffpn flight physics by willsonman servo animation by jeffpn Electric or Nitro Opt...
(Maj. Numbskully, , 6.10 MB)
11-22-2011 2878

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