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Airco DH 2_EA
Let's turn back the hands of time to 1915. Germany reigned supreme in the war-torn skies over Europe, and Great Britain...
(DirtyHarry3033, , 3.42 MB)
10 11-12-2008 11190
Beech Baron 58_EA
For your simming pleasure, I present my 5th effort for RF, the Beechcraft Baron 58. The Baron series was introduced i...
(DirtyHarry3033, , 1.30 MB)
9.9 04-30-2009 13610
Beechcraft Baron 58_G3_EA
The Beechcraft Baron 58. The Baron series was introduced in 1961 and was based on the Beechcraft Bonanza by way of the ...
(DirtyHarry3033, , 1.54 MB)
05-08-2009 7493
devastator yellow-wings_CS
Here is the "Yellow Wings" CS for my TBD-1 Devastator. This color scheme was used in the prewar days and has ...
(DirtyHarry3033, , 4.15 MB)
06-04-2010 1143
Do-335 Pfeil G35_EA
Here is the G3.5 port of my Dornier Do-335 Pfeil, one of Hitler's "Secret Weapons" that arrived too late in th...
(DirtyHarry3033, , 4.58 MB)
07-12-2009 3745
Dornier Do-335 A-12_EA
***NOTE*** ================================================== This is an updated EA of the Do-335 A-12, there were som...
(DirtyHarry3033, , 10.88 MB)
08-09-2009 3934
Dornier Do-335 Pfeil_EA
This is the Dornier Do-335 A-0, one of Hitler's "Secret Weapons" that came too late in the war to have an impa...
(DirtyHarry3033, , 6.78 MB)
07-11-2009 4250
Douglas B-26C Invader._EA
OK here is my 2nd modeling attempt for RF, the Douglas B-26C Invader from the Stephen Spielberg film "Always."...
(DirtyHarry3033, , 3.49 MB)
9.3 07-05-2008 7211
Douglas TBD-1 Devastator_EA
June 4, 2010 Here is my long-overdue Douglas TBD-1 Devastator, representing the Devastator flown by Ens George Gay, t...
(DirtyHarry3033, , 9.58 MB)
10 06-04-2010 11224
Gotha G-IV_EA
Here is the Gotha G.IV heavy bomber of WWI. The earlier G.III required the rear gunner to switch between firing the dor...
(DirtyHarry3033, , 8.42 MB)
03-13-2010 4633
Incom T-65_EA
Not so long ago, at an RC field fairly close by... For Star Wars fans, here is the T-65 X-wing starfighter manufactur...
(DirtyHarry3033, , 6.62 MB)
9.9 12-25-2009 15259
Junkers Ju-52_EA
Here is my 4th effort for RF, the Junkers Ju 52/3m - aka "Tante Ju", aka "Iron Annie". The Ju 52 ...
(DirtyHarry3033, , 5.18 MB)
9.9 02-01-2009 10379
Here's my 1st attempt at modeling for RF, the Spad XIII. Credits: Physics model: WingDude Visual model: DirtyHar...
(DirtyHarry3033, , 4.26 MB)
9.9 05-24-2008 6791
TIE Interceptor_EA
For Star Wars fans, here is the Sienar Fleet Systems TIE Interceptor. Features: - VTOL only - invisible "land...
(DirtyHarry3033, , 2.62 MB)
9.9 12-25-2009 15179
Toy Block Plane by DH_EA
dirtyharry3033 very first model. The name, the tga, and the physics by flexible. ================================ &...
(DirtyHarry3033, , 656.2 KB)
06-25-2009 1269

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