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aleutain tiger._CS
this was made my request. please comment
(reject, , 3.16 MB)
04-02-2008 526
just something original. enjoy and please comment and rate
(reject, , 530.3 KB)
04-30-2008 629
this is a lighter version of the 1st one i made. i also changed the blade color and shape. if you would like to know how...
(reject, , 613.8 KB)
06-20-2008 699
i found out how to get the camo look so i put it on this sweet heli made by inky. i also changed the blade color and sha...
(reject, , 596.9 KB)
06-20-2008 739
carbon fiber cx2._CS
i wanted another cs for the blade cx2 so i made it out of carbon fiber.enjoy and dont be afraid to rate and comment
(reject, , 1.67 MB)
05-28-2008 1013
my dad used to own one of these and i lliked it alot so i made a cs for it and here it is. it even has the indi 500 90th...
(reject, , 1.32 MB)
05-30-2008 680
this is the "fixed" version of the original one that i made. it has alomst all the little holes filled in. en...
(reject, , 2.92 MB)
03-06-2008 697
Enzo 54._CS
made by request. please comment. thnx
(reject, , 311.5 KB)
03-17-2008 387
hook 'em horns._CS
this was made by request.enjoy and dont be afraid to RATE AND COMMENT
(reject, , 565.5 KB)
06-02-2008 451
ttis is the final edit of the original cs i made. i hope yopu all enjoy.DONT BE AFRAID TO RATE AND COMMENT
(reject, , 452.0 KB)
07-31-2008 411
les paul ultra._CS
this cs has taken the longest to make so i hope you all enjoy it.dont be afraid to RATE AND COMMENT
(reject, , 3.19 MB)
06-03-2008 440
lotus elise._CS
i wanted an ea of the lotus but didnt know how to make it so i just made a cs for it
(reject, , 740.3 KB)
05-21-2008 493
monster dart._CS
this was made by request. enjoy. DONT BE AFRAID TO RATE AND COMMENT
(reject, , 253.4 KB)
08-09-2008 381
PA extra._CS
ive had this one for a long time and just havent put it on . so here it is.REMEMBER THIS WAS MADE A LONG TIME AGO.!!!!!
(reject, , 942.9 KB)
08-06-2008 652
sams special._AV
this is a persision aicraft, one of the best IMAC competion planes out there. sam a.k.a. 3dforlife made this av NOT ME, ...
(reject, , 36.5 KB)
07-30-2008 957
i like racing stripes and race cars so i did the look of both in one simple cs. dont be afraid to RATE AND COMMENT
(reject, , 1.87 MB)
06-16-2008 1610
i was just playin around wheni made this. hope you all like it.
(reject, , 95.3 KB)
08-06-2008 740
Yak-54 patriotic._AV
this is for those days where you feel patriotic. it has a color scheme made by Brian8474 and i put red white and blue sm...
(reject, , 30.5 KB)
05-27-2008 1095
yak55 monster energy._CS
i editted the errors and changed the picture on the wheeles and here it is. if you look at the first picture you can see...
(reject, , 754.2 KB)
08-06-2008 810
yak55 red bull._CS
this was made by request. i hope you all enjoy. DONT BE AFRAID TO RATE AND COMMENT!!!
(reject, , 609.0 KB)
08-04-2008 762

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