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Alpine Lake bombing raid_AP
Ok heres my "first" bombing raid ap for G5. it has two airports one on each side of the lake along with two ci...
(bud anderson 2, , 328.9 KB)
02-26-2010 733
B-24 cameras_AV
yay! it worked sorry had trouble getting avs on swaps but here it is the b-24 with camera views from the left and right ...
(bud anderson 2, , 32.7 KB)
02-18-2010 1163
Bud Anderson_Sopwith Pup (Comb...
this a little demonstration of some of the new features in g5. im flying a sopwith pup at the flying school and land jus...
(bud anderson 2, , 314.2 KB)
12-27-2009 458
Bush Pilots wanted_AP
Title says it all now this isnt finnished still need to add more fields to fly to. but it cool for now
(bud anderson 2, , 76.8 KB)
05-09-2009 627
Grumman TBF-1 Avenger cameras_...
well i took mwillsons tbf avenger and added crew cameras in the cocpt thank you wilson and others who helped for taking ...
(bud anderson 2, , 26.9 KB)
02-18-2010 633
Huge Bomber Base_AP
If the pictures look the same to you well they are because ive added onto my luftwaffe base by adding an american base w...
(bud anderson 2, , 134.5 KB)
05-26-2009 843
Luftwaffe Base_AP
Hey its me again and this time i made a full scale Luftwaffe base based off of il2 images and ww2 books hope you like it...
(bud anderson 2, , 71.6 KB)
05-07-2009 643
Memphis Belle_AP
It's a Bomber base like in Memphis Belle it's got places where planes are parked and runways to get to the main runway. ...
(bud anderson 2, , 233.7 KB)
03-13-2009 644
Messerschmitt Bf-109 E guns an...
a nice little AV i did on the messerschmitt bf-109 E by maxx2504. it has pilot views and movements use knob (the turny t...
(bud anderson 2, , 25.8 KB)
02-19-2010 754
P47_Thunderbolt cameras + guns...
p-47 razorback well since someone finaly put this model on here ive been dieing to fly it and since g5 recocnizes most G...
(bud anderson 2, , 21.2 KB)
02-28-2010 825
small airport_AP
a small average airport nothing real special. but hope you enjoy
(bud anderson 2, , 305.0 KB)
12-30-2009 907
world war 2 bomber mission._AP
its the same as ww2 flight but tweeked added another airport you can take the b29 off of. on default runway i moved the ...
(bud anderson 2, , 293.1 KB)
10-19-2008 746
ww2 flight._AP
same place moved stuff. made city with some fires. 2nd field has a runnway and buildings. default runway is longer.3rd r...
(bud anderson 2, , 198.3 KB)
10-18-2008 609

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