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L-39 (VTOL) Slightly better_AV
Maybe I'm just not a good enought pilot for this. This one will take off vertically kind of ok, but I can't get it to s...
(Steevy_T, , 24.5 KB)
04-24-2010 813
L-39 (VTOL)_AV
My epic fail, I think it deserves 1/2 star, but maybe someone will be able to fix the VTOL capabilities of this L-39. B...
(Steevy_T, , 24.4 KB)
04-24-2010 598
Pandora Camo_CS
This is the camoflauge that should have been used on Pandora in the movie Avatar. Matte grey just was too easily spotte...
(Steevy_T, , 19.05 MB)
05-07-2010 566

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