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Agusta A109 Cam View Extra_AV
I added a cockpit cam, a landing cam, a passenger seat cam, and a tail cam. Enjoy! The photos below I took at my ai...
(jjf, , 53.7 KB)
04-02-2014 456
AH-64 Apache Giant Scale_AV
I made the AH-64 Apache alot bigger and I added a couple of cams. Here is a couple of screen shots of my giant scale wi...
(jjf, , 50.8 KB)
02-17-2014 1052
AR-6 Endeavor Blue And White_C...
I made the red fuselage light blue. Enjoy!
(jjf, , 1.24 MB)
05-22-2014 310
AT-6A Texan_AV
I added a FockeWolfe2 sound engine. It sounds very realistic. Like a real plane. It 6 prop blades.
(jjf, , 4.08 MB)
01-09-2014 344
AT-802(FireBoss) Upgrade_AV
I made the AT-802(FireBoss) faster and making it faster made it a little more maneuverable. I also added a tail cam and...
(jjf, , 59.7 KB)
03-30-2014 341
B-25 Mitchell Upgraded_AV
I made the B-25 alot more maneuverable, faster, 6 extra cams, and a better sounding engine
(jjf, , 703.0 KB)
03-01-2014 427
Citizen Airport 2_AP
Here is Citizen Airport 2. There is a long runway for airliners and a couple of runways for taxing. Note: You need ad...
(jjf, , 285.4 KB)
04-12-2014 687
Citizen Airport_AP
This airport has a couple of chopper landing pads. It has lights and a air traffic control tower. It is half day and h...
(jjf, , 947.5 KB)
01-12-2014 492
Citizen City 2_AP
This airport I made has alot of skyscrapers, along with two pilot spawns that you change by pushing x. If you push x an...
(jjf, , 160.3 KB)
03-11-2014 723
Citizen City 3 (Night)_AP
Heree is Citizen City 3 (Night). If you fly by the subway you can see the subway's windows light up and the sky scraper...
(jjf, , 149.1 KB)
04-11-2014 517
Citizen City 3_AP
Here is Citizen City 3. It has a subway track that a subway drives on it and this airport has houses too. It also ha...
(jjf, , 217.3 KB)
03-26-2014 769
Citizen City_AP
This Citizen City has a carnival, gas station, soccor field and more.... You could take off and land on the roads and t...
(jjf, , 1.90 MB)
01-31-2014 807
I do not take credit for this color scheme. Steven scd made it and I uploaded this color scheme with permission from hi...
(jjf, , 362.9 KB)
04-30-2014 221
Combat Field Airport_AP
This Flying Field is a three in one airport with multiple pilot spawns . It has a variety of trees and boulders. It ev...
(jjf, , 1.05 MB)
01-03-2014 597
Convair XFY-1 Pogo Upgraded 2_...
I made the Convair XFY-1Pogo fly alot better and it has a cockpit cam. It's just like my Convair XFY-1 Pogo Upgraded ex...
(jjf, , 44.6 KB)
04-19-2014 438
Convair XFY-1 Pogo Upgraded_AV
I made it fly alot nicer and it's giant scale. It also has a cockpit cam.
(jjf, , 43.6 KB)
03-09-2014 565
CorsairF4U-1 Color Scheme_CS
Here is a night attack color scheme for the CorsairF4U-1. If you don't have the CorsairF4U-1 you can download on swap p...
(jjf, , 6.68 MB)
03-22-2014 384
Douglas TBD-1 Devastator Upgra...
I added a cam inside of the cockpit that rotates left and right. Turn CH.6 to rotate the cam. I also made it more mane...
(jjf, , 52.0 KB)
03-07-2014 506
Edwards AFB 2_AP
Here is Edwards AFB 2. It has planes on the ground and in the air. It has alot of different taxi runways and a formati...
(jjf, , 372.5 KB)
04-01-2014 620
Edwards AFB 3_AP
Here is Edward AFB 3. It has more runways, more airplanes, more vehicles, more buildings, and I added a couple of trees...
(jjf, , 385.5 KB)
04-06-2014 804

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