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Big Bird's Twin beech AV edited. Now engine fire is on 3 position switch and flaps are on rotary. Hope you all like i...
(ven2s, , 48.7 KB)
03-27-2011 1021
50% Pitts Challenger IIX_AV
My tamer yet still responsive version of the Pitts, no tip stalls and easier to land. Moved CG forward and increased ma...
(ven2s, , 34.6 KB)
06-25-2007 1038
A-10a edit._AV
Edit of "A-10a with working gun" from great AV. No need to rate, very few changes made; some weight increase...
(ven2s, , 25.5 KB)
05-05-2008 1634
A-10a Edit_AV
A-10a for G5, edited, engines, weight, speed, physics, added gun effect but retained gattling sound and effects with a l...
(ven2s, , 45.7 KB)
02-17-2010 963
A-10 Larger scale version. Fun to fly! Thanks for voting!
(ven2s, , 25.7 KB)
08-14-2007 2899
A109 LS_AV
A109 Agusta Large Scale for G-5!
(ven2s, , 63.9 KB)
01-15-2010 1620
The Acro Duster a little bigger but, I hope, still alot of Fun!!!
(ven2s, , 39.4 KB)
02-23-2008 656
AD2_Skyshark 350T_AV
My lighter, slightly more maneuverable version of the AD2 Skyshark 350 AV with very little tweaking; no rating necessary...
(ven2s, , 25.4 KB)
01-29-2008 611
AeroCanard LS._AV
Update of Aero Canard AV! A bit faster will pitch up abruptly if all power is added quickly. Feed it in like a real pl...
(ven2s, , 21.4 KB)
02-15-2008 871
Agusta Westland EH101 LS_AV
1/4 scale Agusta Westland reloaded, with modified physics, weights, and performance. Blade twitch has been minnimized a...
(ven2s, , 68.1 KB)
01-02-2011 2363
AH-64 Apache Aero_AV
Apache Variant, about 20%, with working stabilator and gun. Modified physics for size. Challenging and fun to fly! En...
(ven2s, , 51.5 KB)
12-27-2015 541
Albatros DVa LS_AV
1/3 scale Albatross DVa with working guns(on dual rate switch) for G5. Check out videos of the 1/3rd scale model on You...
(ven2s, , 49.6 KB)
01-14-2010 756
Anderson Greenwood 14 LS_AV
A little bigger and still fun. Based on the fun EA!
(ven2s, , 40.6 KB)
12-23-2010 675
avro LS_AV
The Avro Anson, a little bigger; gun on 3pos. switch down. Turett is on rotary knob and brakes are on elevator, down.
(ven2s, , 37.5 KB)
02-10-2010 678
B-1B_Lancer C enhanced._AV
B1-B with more fixes, including increased weight and speed; full thrust for takeoff then half thrust, or there abouts, f...
(ven2s, , 14.8 KB)
06-06-2008 1557
B-24 300modified_AV
B-24 300 modified. Weight increase to emulate scale; turret and gun horizontal movements have been transferred from rudd...
(ven2s, , 23.5 KB)
11-27-2007 1628
B-25 Mitchell LS._AV
B-25 with better sounding engines!
(ven2s, , 25.7 KB)
06-07-2008 1120
B-25B edit_AV
Here's another edit of the really excellent B-25, this one a little bit larger with a nice majestic flight feel. Very ...
(ven2s, , 26.4 KB)
10-26-2007 944
Just discovered that the right rudder was not deflecting the same as the left and with prior CG adjustment and stab inci...
(ven2s, , 24.7 KB)
07-04-2007 982
B-47 Stratojet LS._AV
B-47 Stratojet at 1/5.6 scale of Cowboy's excellent EA. Speed is a little fast for scale and you should use half flaps ...
(ven2s, , 19.0 KB)
06-13-2008 2861

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