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Air Camper Glow Engine_AV
This is a glow powered version of the Bergen Air Camper. Four stroke engine, but the editor only had 2 stroke as a visua...
(Kmot, , 23.6 KB)
01-02-2008 807
Airboat Electric_AV
The bayou airboat converted to brushless electric motor. The weight has been reduced significantly to help it get along ...
(Kmot, , 61.7 KB)
05-08-2015 589
Alpine Lake Alternate Runway._...
Alpine Lake is one of my favorite sims, because it is just such a beautiful cyber world. I have used some non-float and ...
(Kmot, , 568.1 KB)
04-16-2008 1854
Alpine Lake Hill Runway_AP
This is an alternate runway for Alpine Lake. It allows you to use land based aircraft. This version will work in G4.5 ve...
(Kmot, , 1.03 MB)
07-07-2009 1164
Black Horse Chipmunk_AV
This is the "Black Horse Models Chipmunk" for a .91 four stroke. It is downsized from the giant scale Dynaflit...
(Kmot, , 18.4 KB)
08-24-2011 770
Boeing 314 Clipper 4-Cycle_AV
This is a four stroke variant of pplaces awesome 314 Clipper. It has OS 52 four stroke engines. The CG and control surfa...
(Kmot, , 26.0 KB)
01-28-2008 2167
Bristol F2b OS300T_AV
A glow engine version of Madratter's Bristol. Has a O.S. 300 twin cylinder and a few control surface tweaks.
(Kmot, , 34.8 KB)
12-04-2012 533
BV-141 Kmot Edit_AV
Has been tweaked for better flight handling and performance. Still need to land with power, like any good warbird. It's ...
(Kmot, , 23.9 KB)
06-02-2010 731
Cessna 195 Kmot Edit_AV
This is a modified version of pplace's cool Cessna 195. I have changed the engine to a Super Tigre 4500; changed the CG;...
(Kmot, , 20.9 KB)
11-22-2009 908
DGA-6 G4 TTR EP Parkflyer Kmot...
I won a Thunder Tiger EP Mister Mulligan park flyer at my clubs Christmas party drawing. I just finished building it and...
(Kmot, , 10.2 KB)
01-04-2010 707
ElectriFly PBY Catalina Norvel...
This is a glow powered version of the small PBY from Electrify. Lekky guys always do glow to electric conversions. I do ...
(Kmot, , 20.8 KB)
01-02-2008 832
H1-Racer Kmot Edit_AV
This is a variant on the Hughes H-1 Racer, a lovely model by pplace. I tweaked it a bit to perform more like my models I...
(Kmot, , 22.2 KB)
06-08-2007 1012
Hangar 9 Piper Pawnee edit_AV
A physics edited version of Andy's superb Pawnee.
(Kmot, , 28.6 KB)
12-04-2011 563
High Desert Model Airport_AP
This is a California high desert private field and home. The owner allows r/c flyers to gather along the fence and have ...
(Kmot, , 218.9 KB)
07-02-2007 829
This is the Lazy Bee model just submitted by "pccdtk". It can't fly because the physics are a complete mess. ...
(Kmot, , 21.2 KB)
12-15-2009 668
NB_9_2_scale_CG1_ Kmot Edit_AV
Nu-B2 by pccdtk, variant physics tweaked by Kmot.
(Kmot, , 24.3 KB)
12-29-2009 485
Nieuport 28 Maxford Electric_A...
I made a smaller electric powered version of the Nieuport 28 because I have a Maxford Models electric I am currently ass...
(Kmot, , 14.0 KB)
11-09-2008 850
Radial Rocket APC Sport Louder...
I have gotten feedback that the FS400 radial engine sound volume was a little soft. I have made another version, boostin...
(Kmot, , 1.09 MB)
11-29-2012 480
Radial Rocket APC Sport_AV
The ASP radial engine in the Rocket need this APC Sport propeller to provide more load on the engine, which results in a...
(Kmot, , 994.9 KB)
10-29-2012 505
Shipwreck Clear_AP
This is Shipwreck, but with the photofield clouds removed and 3D clouds added. So, you can switch them on or off as desi...
(Kmot, , 116.6 KB)
01-02-2008 1258

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