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AT402 3in1 AG-RC-Tug2 Gold_AV
This is an AV of PPLace's 402 Air Tractor. (Nice work for his second EA) I also used the 2414 (as OP had chosen on hi...
(HX3D014, , 24.3 KB)
05-31-2007 897
Blade CP Pro Etail Simple_AV
Blade CP Pro E-Tail (New Tx) Congratulations you purchased a new Tx (Or Not ) This AV Of Phranks CP Pro E-Tail has now...
(HX3D014, , 36.7 KB)
06-05-2007 1028
Dominion 660mm CoG_AV
This Helis is Stock. But it should have a New set of blades. I use this to keep my thumbs Still. Balistic!
(HX3D014, , 35.8 KB)
01-16-2007 1256
Ferrari F1 HX3D014 WIP2_AV
Work In progress Use the gear Switch to toggle between fast and slow mode. this one has many changes and one to note is...
(HX3D014, , 40.8 KB)
06-23-2010 710
HX3D014 Huey Inverted and Back...
Cad I moved my trim all the way down. Credits, Knife Edge. and CadConversions for Motivating Me. PS Sod Field. No w...
(HX3D014, , 372.0 KB)
01-28-2007 442
HX3D014_Blade CP Pro Etail_RC
Blade CP Pro E-Tail Switch assignment Instructions, with voice over. Alpine medows. Use Keep ground in view Zoom mode.
(HX3D014, , 4.16 MB)
04-28-2007 551
HX3D014_Pitts Python with Floa...
Too Much Fun
(HX3D014, , 357.1 KB)
01-28-2007 452
Jayhawk HX3D014 Spool Fix_5b_A...
this is in response to a thread Blade Scraper posted. Please feel free to post suggestions or comments in that thread...
(HX3D014, , 32.1 KB)
08-27-2007 911
Razor 3D Blk CF Orange to Red_...
smwpuck19's "Razor 3D" Black CF with orange trim. CF Pattern from the Paper plane found Here Colour scheme f...
(HX3D014, , 679.8 KB)
06-24-2007 633
Razor 3D Grn CF-Red_CS
smwpuck19's "Razor 3D" Green CF with wht-Red trim.
(HX3D014, , 450.4 KB)
06-24-2007 485
Skycar BR Edit_AV
My final variant of the Wonderfull Skycar by Inky00. more details Here Special thanks to Inky00 Rycan Archer (most, ...
(HX3D014, , 28.8 KB)
06-16-2007 1201
Switchblade G3_EA
And you thought motorcycles were dangerous before? How about slapping some wings on one and calling it a sport aircraft?...
(HX3D014, , 952.5 KB)
07-20-2010 2633
TM, One look at wire frame and you will see that this is not a tiger moth. It is unrealistic. but oh so fun to fly. Jus...
(HX3D014, , 33.7 KB)
01-16-2007 819
Wolf Spyder Sim Training_HX3D0...
Finished trying to make a recording. Acidently started a new one. Was me just Exploring the limits on the Woolf Spyder.(...
(HX3D014, , 1.55 MB)
01-12-2007 498

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