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A-6 Intruder by TWIST ,from MILITARY AIRCRAFT MARKINGS & PROFILES by Barry Williams. This example is in the standar...
(uncle twist, , 5.69 MB)
10-02-2010 1537
albatross DVa by twist_CS
Albatross DVa by Twist , From my book Military aircraft markings & profiles. Used by the Imperial Air Service on the...
(uncle twist, , 10.29 MB)
06-12-2010 715
AT6 Texan by TWIST_CS
AT-6 TEXAN BY TWIST, This CS is from my book, Military Aircraft Markings & Profiles, by Barry C. Wheeler. The stand...
(uncle twist, , 3.66 MB)
09-12-2010 697
Black- Blue S-1 Pitts_CS
This is a CS of a Pitts I found online. I could be bias here, but I think it looks great in the sim. I hope you like it ...
(uncle twist, , 456.1 KB)
10-30-2012 779
Breitling stearman_CS
A Breitling CS I found online for the stearman. There were some stretching issues on the bottom of the fuse (on the tga ...
(uncle twist, , 2.87 MB)
04-14-2013 710
Bulgarian Air Force Jet Ranger...
This is a CS of the Bulgarian Air Forces Jet Ranger.I added an _s.tga to it (first attempt), so now it has has some she...
(uncle twist, , 484.9 KB)
05-09-2011 892
Here`s the "Commercial Air Services" CS for Legomans excellent DC-3. This air service operates from South Afri...
(uncle twist, , 3.52 MB)
10-24-2016 356
Eastern Airlines DC-3_CS
This file corrects the s.tga file that some of you have DL`ed, so you won`t see the the "DELTA" CS shadows now...
(uncle twist, , 2.00 MB)
10-11-2016 405
Ercoupe by TWIST_CS
Ercoupe by TWIST,found this CS on the net.I made a few changes (top of wings and rudders).I was limited to what I could ...
(uncle twist, , 475.9 KB)
02-14-2011 521
F-18 by TWIST_CS
This is the CS used for Canadas "100 yrs. of flight celebration",which took place in the yr 2009. Piloted b...
(uncle twist, , 1.88 MB)
01-19-2011 1262
f-86 by TWIST_CS
F-86 by TWIST From my book ,MILITARY AIRCRAFT MARKINGS & PROFILES, by Barry Wheeler Three Luftwaffe day fighter Wi...
(uncle twist, , 5.01 MB)
09-24-2010 842
FW-190 RED #13_CS
This CS represents the theme used by pilot Klaus Faber during the air battles over Berlin towards last part of the air w...
(uncle twist, , 2.90 MB)
06-10-2012 731
This is an edit of the FW-190A EA that pplace made. I added a cockpit cam for a new CS I made (coming this weekend) that...
(uncle twist, , 24.7 KB)
06-08-2012 444
This is an edit of the FW-190A EA that pplace made. I added a cockpit cam for a new CS I made (coming this weekend) that...
(uncle twist, , 24.9 KB)
06-08-2012 537
FW-190acs-new cockpit_CS
Just a quick copy/paste of the instrument panel, (from the Red #13) for those of you that like to fly the grey CS from P...
(uncle twist, , 1.99 MB)
06-19-2012 553
J W polished cowl_CS
This CS just adds a polished cowl to Inkys`Jane Wickers`CS Stearman, along with an _s.tga file
(uncle twist, , 3.05 MB)
07-01-2012 754
Jack Woolams P-39_CS
This CS represents "Cobra 1", the P-39 that Jack Woolams would have raced in the 1946 Thompson Trophy Race,...
(uncle twist, , 2.65 MB)
01-02-2012 671
Jacquie Warda Pitts_CS
This CS represents one of three Pitts that were used at the 100th ann./post refurbishment of the statue of liberty celeb...
(uncle twist, , 2.73 MB)
08-04-2013 863
Jane Wickers` Stearman_CS
As requested by Gibson. This is the CS used by Jane Wicker on her Stearman. Which she uses for her wing walking routin...
(uncle twist, , 1.01 MB)
05-18-2012 513
Loz camo D8_CS
Lozenge camo CS to go with D8 AV
(uncle twist, , 3.60 MB)
12-02-2012 503

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