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Airport 7 Obstacle Course_AP
This is the Airport 7 v1 that pilot for fun made, exept it has an obstacle course and some other changes. Other spawns ...
(Flare, , 987.7 KB)
04-23-2013 519
Amazing Airport_AP
This large Country Airport has some unique Aircraft. Some Pepole made custom object's, such as the Locheed P-3 Orio...
(Flare, , 13.40 MB)
11-15-2012 736
AT - 6 Texan Blaster_AV
This plane shoots rockets in a grid, and can shoot fast bullets! 3 position switch=rockets dual rates=bullets sevra...
(Flare, , 52.5 KB)
01-27-2013 438
B-17 Large Scale_AV
Rumble at full throttle. Requires Add-Ons 3
(Flare, , 1.22 MB)
11-20-2012 999
Battle-Crazy by WJG_CS
File: Battle Crazy by WJG_CS.RFX ColorScheme Made For: Any P-51 Mustang Size:6.69 MB Enjoy!
(Flare, , 6.69 MB)
11-07-2012 409
Country Area v2_AP
Second version of Country Area. More depth buffers for bushes, and the Area with the house and barn is completed. I ad...
(Flare, , 1.57 MB)
12-31-2012 639
Country Area_AP
Two runways with path's attaching them make a simple airport. This Photofield is made from Sod Farm, Featuring a lar...
(Flare, , 1.56 MB)
12-29-2012 774
Flare's Coconut Bay_AP
This made up area on the coast of Hawaii's largest island is an outlet for a small underground creek, The wreck site for...
(Flare, , 1.55 MB)
12-16-2012 723
Flare's Shipwreck Bay_AP
Hi, this is my first post from the new Profile i have made, Flare. This is also my first Obstacle Course! It was mad...
(Flare, , 2.04 MB)
10-21-2012 627
Grass Field_AP
A Re-Done version of Carl Hension Field. A snow-maker is under the tent, And there is a war going on somewhere! The ...
(Flare, , 1.07 MB)
10-21-2012 776
Radar 2_AP
This one has a structure, and its green. There isn't really a flat area to land, so planes that slow down fast will be ...
(Flare, , 1.37 MB)
09-27-2013 343
This is a pretty simple Airport that looks like an Aircraft Radar. Does NOT work on Multiplayer sessions because most o...
(Flare, , 1.46 MB)
09-25-2013 336
Sh Motor Sound_AV
This is for the motor sound, not the AV. I made this by recording my voice saying 'sh' and selecting the loudest part...
(Flare, , 100.3 KB)
08-19-2013 315
Space Place_AP
The Adventure Begins... You put on your spacesuit and go out on to the balcony of the space station, where you find y...
(Flare, , 12.71 MB)
11-20-2012 525
Super Decathlon Real Scale_AV
(Flare, , 52.6 KB)
11-11-2012 827
Trains Everywhere_AP
Made by my brother, it has a lot of subways, one building, a custom plane, and a custom hangar. ANY CUSTOM OBJECTS WERE...
(Flare, , 4.60 MB)
11-20-2012 505
Tunnel under construction_AP
This long tunnel will be following a giant line that you can only see by getting high up. Planes take cargo to where th...
(Flare, , 1.62 MB)
02-07-2013 379
The plane starts in the blue dome (filled with random things) facing the tunnel entrance. The tunnel is made out of dif...
(Flare, , 2.33 MB)
04-23-2013 549
Yak-54 Custom_CS
Bright colorscheme for any Yak-54 Enjoy!
(Flare, , 801.7 KB)
11-11-2012 345
Yak-54 Variable Pitch_AV
This Yak-54 has a Variable-Pitch Propeller, Useful if You like to back your plane into the hangar after You land it. ...
(Flare, , 27.8 KB)
11-15-2012 555

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