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Drone Nats Soccer Field HD_AP
Austria Drone National Championship. Track is based on a 2015 Map. Designed for FPV/Nose Camera View. Toggle C key to...
(adrenoline 60, , 4.85 MB)
01-25-2018 406
Kracker Jack GCS_CS
Kracker Jack GCS
(adrenoline 60, , 334.0 KB)
12-25-2015 209
Matt Hess_CS_CS
Matt Hess_CS. "Immortalized" Miss Ya Cuz! Requires Carl Goldberg Eagle 2 EA Special thanks to: Maj. Numbsku...
(adrenoline 60, , 4.78 MB)
06-03-2015 296
Shoestring Stunter Uncle G_CS
This Plane and Color Scheme represents the Carl Goldberg Shoesting Stunter, Control Line Airplane, My Uncle built, in 19...
(adrenoline 60, , 285.0 KB)
01-12-2016 242
RECORDING WACONUT's WACO YMF-5 Back Flip @ Joe's Garage Required: WACO YMF-5._EA WACONUT's WACO YMF-5_AV & W...
(adrenoline 60, , 40.2 KB)
08-02-2015 262

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