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2M Spirit Elite (RF8)_AV
One of my favorite sailplanes in my arsenal of gliders, is the 2M Spirit Elite. I have several in my hanger, including...
(DDawg, , 44.6 KB)
04-16-2018 172
33% Citabria Aerobatic Pro_AV
a 3rd scale, bigger version of the Citabria Aerobatic pro created by Andy Baser ... I just bumped up the size, reworked ...
(DDawg, , 53.1 KB)
03-20-2018 216
Aircraft Carrier CV76_AP
This a stripped down version of the USS Ronald Reagan, CVN 76. I wanted a clean deck to play around on. Hope to modif...
(DDawg, , 1.13 MB)
01-15-2018 380
While the USAF flew most of the FAC missions in 'nam, the Army and the Marines flew their share ... This is a tribute...
(DDawg, , 854.0 KB)
07-10-2018 151
Big Red Mk II-3blade_AV
Same plane, no physic changes made to the plane , just a 3-bladed propeller, instead of the 2-blade it came with.
(DDawg, , 391.2 KB)
04-08-2018 155
Big Red Technoid Aviation_CS
So, yet another Big Red Color Scheme. This time a tribute to the "Creator" and founder of "Technoid Aviat...
(DDawg, , 2.45 MB)
02-10-2018 137
And I just had to do it ... couldn't have the Big Red one flying without tribute to the MARINES! VS-14M was a real sq...
(DDawg, , 1.96 MB)
02-04-2018 147
Just another Red, White and Blue CS
(DDawg, , 1.47 MB)
04-05-2018 151
Another Color Scheme based upon TECHNOID's BIG RED biplane. I think it looks pretty good, what about you?
(DDawg, , 4.10 MB)
01-31-2018 133
Binturong Brutus F8F-2 Bearcat...
I felt the NEED ... THE NEED For SPEED... It seemed to me, that the "Rare Bear" needed competition So ......
(DDawg, , 4.93 MB)
06-23-2018 209
Blue Angels Tribute - Lt Robbi...
Blue Angels tribute F8F Bearcat. On Sept. 29, 1946, Slot Pilot Lt. j.g. Ross "Robby" Robinson failed to r...
(DDawg, , 4.22 MB)
06-17-2018 151
Boeing Phantom Eye Glider_CS
Just your typical Red, White, & Blue CS ...
(DDawg, , 271.2 KB)
04-21-2018 111
I had to redo this CS due to the wing's under-covering just didn't look right ... other than that it is the same ... ...
(DDawg, , 6.80 MB)
02-17-2018 128
citabria aerobatic pro blue_CS
And the fabled "Blue" version of the only two official Citabria Pro's to be built.
(DDawg, , 1.52 MB)
03-07-2018 141
Citabria Pro Bumble Bee_CS
Yet another skin for the Fantastically fun flying Citabria Aerobatic Pro. This one sports a fabric covered texture and ...
(DDawg, , 9.32 MB)
04-10-2018 163
Clean Slate_CS
Since I cannot upload a Layer'd template of the A-6 ... I did the next best thing, for those skilled enough, you now hav...
(DDawg, , 6.11 MB)
01-12-2018 133
Clean Slate_two_CS
The name is obvious, this is just a "Cleaner Slate" to start from as I wasn't really happy with the first effo...
(DDawg, , 6.11 MB)
01-14-2018 130
e-Flite TIMBER Yosemite Charte...
Yosemite High Sierra Charters, takes the adventurous, up to the top of the world. To sights only the extreme dare go. ...
(DDawg, , 15.52 MB)
06-26-2018 153
EF Yellow Laser EXP_CS
My rendition of the Extreme Flight Laser EXP ... I love my personal Yellow 48 inch version of this RC plane from Extr...
(DDawg, , 1.12 MB)
04-04-2018 221
F8F-2 Bearcat assigned to the AES-12, Aircraft Engineering Squadron, at MCAS Quantico during 1951-2. AES-12 is one o...
(DDawg, , 3.74 MB)
06-17-2018 107

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