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PT-17 Stearman dws._AV
PT 17 Stearman edit to 96 in span powered by Robart 7 cyl 4 stroke radial,24 x16 prop,brakes on left 3 way switch,up off...
(doug schluter, , 44.3 KB)
04-24-2008 2310
12 ft Telemaster_CS
here's the 12 FT telemaster CS , due to the CS map the color scheme is limited to a basic scheme
(doug schluter, , 159.5 KB)
11-08-2015 348
30% Dalton Extra 260 Aeroworks...
Heres a CS for the 30% Dalton Extra 260,have fun
(doug schluter, , 658.1 KB)
03-21-2009 1883
35% Hangar 9 Extra 260 mix_AV
this is the H9 35% extra 260 mix , Edit by theluthier and dws flys excellent. dws & Luthier's edit to fligh...
(doug schluter, , 55.2 KB)
06-27-2013 1179
Heres a C.S for Wingmans Mitsubishi A6M Zero reference from Flying Colors book of military aircraft markings and color s...
(doug schluter, , 630.0 KB)
07-23-2008 1245
Aero Works Red Checkers_CS
Red Check CS to go with the Aero Works Extra 260 100cc thanks go to herc40 for the original CS
(doug schluter, , 926.1 KB)
01-07-2014 570
Aeromaster 3_CS
here's a new CS for Fly_electrics great Aeromaster
(doug schluter, , 3.18 MB)
03-02-2015 260
Aeromaster 4_CS
another old school CS for Fly_electrics excellent Aeromaster Biplane
(doug schluter, , 2.85 MB)
03-03-2015 253
Aeromaster 5_CS
Aeromaster 5 CS for Fly_electric's excellent Lou Andrew's Aeromaster Too
(doug schluter, , 3.17 MB)
03-07-2015 262
Aeromaster 6_CS
one more for FE's Aeromaster Too , this is a little busier take on one of the earlier CS's looks good though thought i'd...
(doug schluter, , 3.19 MB)
03-23-2015 242
Aeromaster 7_CS
Aeromaster 7 CS for Fly_electric's excellent Lou Andrew's Aeromaster Too
(doug schluter, , 2.75 MB)
03-23-2015 285
Aeromaster giant scale dw_AV
just thought i would scale up FE's Aeromaster and put a prototype Veco 120 engine in it for power ( they never made one ...
(doug schluter, , 58.4 KB)
03-28-2015 526
AeroWorks 100cc Extra 260_AV
dws edit to physics for Aero Works 100cc Extra 260 specs DA 100 all appropriate weights included as measured from the l...
(doug schluter, , 60.1 KB)
01-07-2014 856
Aeroworks Carbon SS Cub_AV
Aeroworks Carbon SS Cub ,sized brentg's Super Cub up to the Aeroworks giant scale 168 in span 40 + lb with a 100 Gas eng...
(doug schluter, , 48.0 KB)
01-26-2014 1504
Airbus A380 edit for RF 7 5_AV
dws edit to Viennalex76's A-380 flight physics set for RF 7.5 --- flaps on channel 6 Dial , 1/2 for take off . full on ...
(doug schluter, , 48.3 KB)
06-12-2015 1059
AJ Laser 230z 105 Patriot_CS
here is the AJ Laser 230z Patriot CS for technoid's excellent EA
(doug schluter, , 849.2 KB)
02-17-2017 272
AJ Laser 230z 105 Retro_CS
here is the Retro CS for technoid's excellent AJ Laser 230z
(doug schluter, , 1.55 MB)
02-18-2017 296
AJ Laser 230z 105 Yellow Blue_...
here is the AJ LAser 230z Yellow Blue CS which is based of a full size Laser 230 for technoids excellent AJ Laser 230z 1...
(doug schluter, , 1.52 MB)
02-18-2017 215
AJ Laser 230z Patriot_CS
sorry guys i am reloading the Patriot CS due to having the tga file set to the wrong size which is why it takes a while ...
(doug schluter, , 1.53 MB)
02-03-2017 212
AJ Laser 230z Retro_CS
here is the retro CS for technoid's nice AJ Laser 230z EA ( i added screws to cowl and to grill by exhaust pipes and to ...
(doug schluter, , 1.64 MB)
01-28-2017 279

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