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Color Scheme for my Bell 222 Airwolf AV. I did NOT create this CS. I do not know who did. It was on the original downloa...
(Jollyroger, , 157.9 KB)
12-31-2006 1836
Air Wolf, Vs 3.448 (Works Fine in 3.5) Variant of The Bell 222 This is just for fun Things Changed: 1. Changed engine...
(Jollyroger, , 30.7 KB)
12-31-2006 2728
This is a little lesson for the beginner on helis. For someone who is intrested in helis, or who is trying to learn heli...
(Jollyroger, , 28.78 MB)
01-25-2007 1365
P-51K vs 3.448 (Works fine in 3.5.044) Varaint of the stock P-51, things changed; 1.Red, White & blue smoke added,...
(Jollyroger, , 27.9 KB)
12-06-2006 957

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