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ASTRON 40 Electric_AV
Electric version of DHK's great Astron 40. 100+ mph and lands hot.
(willsonman, , 30.3 KB)
04-26-2011 502
Aviatik 30_40 36%_AV
Giant Scale version.
(willsonman, , 61.6 KB)
02-17-2012 723
Aviatik 30_40_EA
Aviatik 30.40 Thought I would knock out one from my Austrian heritage. A parasol monoplane derivative of the Aviat...
(willsonman, , 5.54 MB)
02-17-2012 1466
Bill Nash_CS
CS to reflect real-life build of 150% Super Sportwin by Bill Nash Dubbed the "Senior Sportwin." Build thread i...
(willsonman, , 4.69 MB)
01-02-2013 392
In 1937, the German Air Ministry - the Reichsluftfahrtministerium (RLM) - issued a specification for a single-engine rec...
(willsonman, , 2.06 MB)
05-31-2010 2966
BVP-170 Better_AV
Lots of additional tweaks to make this a better-flying aircraft than when originally released. Changes: Wheel mater...
(willsonman, , 27.5 KB)
01-26-2009 1069
http://www.luft46.com/bv/bvp170.html A very interesting aircraft from the minds of Germany during WWII. Notice first th...
(willsonman, , 4.31 MB)
11-15-2008 7563
Carl Goldberg Eagle 2 Floats N...
Nitro version of the Eagle 2 with Floats.
(willsonman, , 27.3 KB)
01-25-2012 472
Carl Goldberg Eagle 2 Floats_E...
In preparation for completion of my home made floats Jeff kindly obliged me with a version of my Eagle 2 with Floats. CS...
(willsonman, , 6.10 MB)
01-25-2012 1187
Carl Goldberg Eagle 2 Nitro_AV
Nitro version of the Carl Goldberg Eagle 2
(willsonman, , 23.1 KB)
11-22-2011 808
Chance Vought Corsair Willsonm...
My edits to thegibson's great work on the corsair. List of changes: Scale airfoils all around(wings, h-stab, v-stab, be...
(willsonman, , 27.3 KB)
10-27-2009 1432
DB 609_EA
A complete prototype that was never built to completion. It was designed by Daimler Benz to feature a new motor that was...
(willsonman, , 7.74 MB)
07-28-2009 3278
F8F Bearcat._EA
F8F Bearcat. Changed physics almost entirely from previous version due to proper linkage and fuselage segment issues. Co...
(willsonman, , 1.27 MB)
05-14-2008 5086
F8F-1 Bearcat._EA
SLight varient of my bearcat with a round spinner. Had a few requests for this so that other CSs could be made. Same phy...
(willsonman, , 1.29 MB)
05-16-2008 7889
FT 3D from Flite Test. Fairly straight forward aircraft. All weights are based off of real world stuff. PLans used as te...
(willsonman, , 438.9 KB)
03-13-2013 2403
Gee Bee Z Red Bull._CS
Finally made A CS for my own plane. Enjoy.
(willsonman, , 464.0 KB)
04-12-2008 749
Gee Bee Z._EA
This is a pretty famous 1930s race plane. Modeled without a CS for the community to make what it will. Physics cues take...
(willsonman, , 986.2 KB)
03-24-2008 3255
Gee Bee Zee._EA
Overhauled version for G4. Some new polys here and there. Complete with CS this time. Contact for template. Uhh. yeah ca...
(willsonman, , 1.91 MB)
09-22-2008 5704
Gotha G-IV 24%_AV
AV for the Keith Zimmerly version at 19 feet wingspan. Glides right and other things tweaked to fly.
(willsonman, , 40.6 KB)
03-14-2010 1004
Grumman TBF-1 Avenger_EA
Ironically the first public display of the prototype of the TBF was on December 7 1941, the same day as the bombing of P...
(willsonman, , 3.87 MB)
11-12-2008 11143

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