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i ahd this colorscheme for the cap 580 i picked up from somewhere. i didnt make this, and i cant remember who made it. ...
(harv, , 504.0 KB)
01-07-2007 777
MIA Micro-FLIGHT Race Track an...
here is ANOTHER version of MIA's dirt airport. i just made it a little bit for challenging. some tracks have lots of str...
(harv, , 101.3 KB)
05-01-2007 911
quarter scale cap_AV
heres an AV of the cap 580. it flys very close to my 1/4 scale cap 232. enjoy.
(harv, , 28.8 KB)
01-07-2007 1415
turbo prop python_AV
this a variant of inky00's pitts python. its a turbo prop. flys great. its a little tricky to hover. gotta play aroun...
(harv, , 42.6 KB)
01-05-2007 1202
Yak 55sp_EA
this is inky00's yak 55sp he made a while back in g3, so i re edited it so that it flew in g3.5. physical model by i...
(harv, , 2.12 MB)
01-28-2007 3564

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