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Aeroworks mod 18_CS
Aeroworks Edge 540T .46-.61 Modified from a G3 scheme author unknown.
(see_e_oh, , 190.6 KB)
02-02-2007 934
Extra330S PW World Models 80 i...
World Models 80" Extra 330S with Moki 210 from Rick Delton's PW Extra
(see_e_oh, , 33.5 KB)
02-02-2007 921
PW Extra 300S Goodrich WM_CS
PW Extra 300 GOODRICH scheme with World Models decal set from R. Delton original CIRRUS design
(see_e_oh, , 184.5 KB)
03-10-2007 978
PW Goodrich_CS
Wolrd Models PW Extra 300S - GOODRICH (text mod from R. Delton's original CIRRUS version)
(see_e_oh, , 156.6 KB)
02-03-2007 765
Yak - 3-3m Composite ARF Rolli...
Don't know who created this AV or CS, but it's my absolute favorite plane for this sim!
(see_e_oh, , 33.3 KB)
02-07-2009 1232

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