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A-10 Thunderbolt II Warthog_EA
The Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II (Warthog) is an American single-seat, twin-engine, straight-wing jet aircraf...
(Boof69, , 24.35 MB)
02-11-2013 12526
AJ Spark Evo II_EA
Completely updated physics for RealFlight 6 and up. Weights are now more realistic and it's clad in an Andrew Jesky colo...
(Boof69, , 5.99 MB)
10-24-2012 7480
The Air Tractor AT-802AF (Fire Boss) Modeled by...............Boof69 Physics by................Boof69 Color Sheme by....
(Boof69, , 13.39 MB)
07-06-2011 5569
B-69 Vamp_EA
Completely updated physics for RealFlight 6 and up. The vertical stabilizers are now inverted. Increased rudder authorit...
(Boof69, , 2.43 MB)
10-24-2012 3038
Beck-Mahoney Sorceress_EA
The Beck-Mahoney Sorceress. The first biplane to break 200mph in competition and won the most races than any other in he...
(Boof69, , 24.97 MB)
03-15-2011 5554
Bristol M1_EA
This is the Bristol M1c. The third revision of the Bristol M1 designed in 1916 by Frank Barnwell and built by the Bristo...
(Boof69, , 24.84 MB)
11-05-2011 2904
Bristol M1_RF6_EA
This is the Bristol M1c. The third revision of the Bristol M1 designed in 1916 by Frank Barnwell and built by the Bristo...
(Boof69, , 30.56 MB)
10-24-2012 2233
Compass Warp360_EA
Compass Models Warp 360 The Compass Warp 360 is the newest helicopter to the Compass Model product line. The Warp 360 ...
(Boof69, , 24.20 MB)
05-01-2013 5193
This is the Chance Vought F4U1 Corsair. The F4U1 was the first production model of the Corsair line of fighters. It's si...
(Boof69, , 16.09 MB)
02-28-2012 10272
This is a final version of my Extra360. Complete with fully animated servos,and motor.Also prop was changed to a 12x6 as...
(Boof69, , 12.52 MB)
11-23-2010 2796
FK14 Le Mans_EA
This is the FK14 Le Mans. Designed and manufactured by FK-Light Planes from Poland. It is a very unique personal cruiser...
(Boof69, , 13.30 MB)
10-24-2012 2863
This is a mock USAF Thunderbirds color scheme for the Great Planes Phazer
(Boof69, , 10.28 MB)
12-07-2012 797
GR-7 Formula One_EA
A designer by the name of Robbie Grove created the GR-7 in the late 80's. There were only two made #55 "Bummers Bul...
(Boof69, , 2.18 MB)
12-14-2010 4045
GreatPlanes Phazer_EA
Great Planes Phazer This is a bungee and hand launch 90+ mph EDF Delta wing jet. Powered by an Ammo GPMG5185 brushless ...
(Boof69, , 10.86 MB)
12-07-2012 4913
Heli MAX 1SQ QuadCopter_EA
This model requires the latest beta update 6.50.016 Found here The orange and black blades needed for this model come wi...
(Boof69, , 3.59 MB)
01-24-2013 7829
The KAOS. Made by request for Norton. The Kaos is a 1970's pattern plane. The kits were designed by Joe Bridi. That's...
(Boof69, , 14.87 MB)
08-18-2011 3944
Krill Spark Evo I_EA
This is the Krill models Spark Evo I Designed by Ivo Kryl in response to the collective input of all the F3A pilots and ...
(Boof69, , 6.34 MB)
09-01-2011 6304
Lindberg's Lockheed Sirius_EA
This is the lockheed Sirius owned and flown by Charles A. Lindbergh. This model has a 96" wing span and measures...
(Boof69, , 11.14 MB)
02-20-2011 3256
This is a matte black CS based on one I seen in a 3D Masters video.
(Boof69, , 10.20 MB)
11-23-2012 1192
Red and white color scheme because it's my favorite color combo.
(Boof69, , 10.15 MB)
11-23-2012 1508

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