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3W Blue Extra._CS
Here is a great scheme I found on Downonthedeck.com. I looked at this one for a while and put it off due to the difficul...
(Bonanza, , 3.12 MB)
06-06-2008 2994
3W Corona Extra 300._CS
Here is a Corona scheme from the Downonthedeck.com website. I improvised a bit because I had no underside shots, or good...
(Bonanza, , 470.3 KB)
06-02-2008 2038
3W Extra 300 Corona Yellow und...
Here is a different version of the Corona CS on the Extra 300. Phrank did some research and found the actual color schem...
(Bonanza, , 424.9 KB)
06-04-2008 1267
Alu AT-6._CS
This is Jimmy Newton's Grey USAF CS that he made for the AT-6 in G4 I have converted it as best I can so we can use it i...
(Bonanza, , 2.83 MB)
04-24-2008 587
Aussi Pond Racer._CS
So, I have had a go at making a Country racing Pond racer CS. I thought it may get other people going on making some cou...
(Bonanza, , 513.8 KB)
05-13-2008 1185
Baby Boomerang Blue Silver 15....
For me, by me, for anyone else who would like it ;-) This is a variant of the wolf CS in Blue and silver with extra gra...
(Bonanza, , 479.2 KB)
06-11-2008 1198
Blimp Exboard._CS
This is my blimp. If I ever own a blimp, I am doing this to it! Really though its just for fun, and I thought the skysh...
(Bonanza, , 3.83 MB)
02-28-2008 1617
Bonanza New V35B._CS
This is a new file for the old Bonanza to add something new to it......... ;-) I made a few minor changes to it! The p...
(Bonanza, , 252.2 KB)
05-03-2008 807
Cap 232 Green and Purple._CS
Here is a variation of the Cap CS inspired by my sister. I think the girl has some serious talent! I might have to bring...
(Bonanza, , 711.0 KB)
07-07-2008 673
Cap 232 Yellow Or and pur._CS
I brought the sister in for another one. This is the summer colored one. Enjoy!!
(Bonanza, , 562.3 KB)
07-07-2008 561
Cap Blue Red Silver._CS
This is the actual CS that I saw for G4 that got me going on the cap 232 train. Enjoy!
(Bonanza, , 610.3 KB)
07-14-2008 626
Cap CS from G4 for G3._CS
Here is the Cap 232 CS from G4 for the Cap from the Expansion Pack 1. I saw it and liked it, and wanted it, so I made it...
(Bonanza, , 943.0 KB)
07-07-2008 509
Challenger Collaborators._CS
Here is Sean Tuckers Challenger II as used in his airshow displays in 2007. On the tail it has Tutima, USO, and the 30 ...
(Bonanza, , 317.6 KB)
04-30-2008 841
Dalton260-Richmodextra Switch ...
Thanks to Alexflyguy for the original. I just wanted to change the colors a bit and make it look like this.
(Bonanza, , 308.3 KB)
06-02-2008 623
Here is the Wild Hare Extra in a new DOD scheme. I saw this one and just wanted to have it in my hanger so here it is fo...
(Bonanza, , 754.8 KB)
05-31-2008 845
Edge 540 Collaborators 2._CS
This is the Color Scheme Bill had on his Edge 540 pria to the newer one. I like this one too, so here it is. And here ar...
(Bonanza, , 1.56 MB)
05-14-2008 631
Edge 540 Collaborators._CS
OK, so here is the Edge 540 with the squiggles on the wings. This is the CS the Bill Stein was sporting on the Edge duri...
(Bonanza, , 1.41 MB)
05-14-2008 437
Ex's Hurricane effort_CS
This is my edit for the CS on the awesome Hawker Hurricane created by Brentg. I have made it tan and green, which is my ...
(Bonanza, , 1.25 MB)
02-08-2008 960
Ex's Red Arrow fix_CS
This is a slight change to the CS of Inky00's great Red Arrow Hawk. All I did was move the white wing stripes from the t...
(Bonanza, , 145.5 KB)
01-26-2008 749
Exboard 2 G4._CS
(Bonanza, , 558.1 KB)
03-25-2008 703

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