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310 Twin by Top Flight._CS
EXP Pack 3-TOP FLIGHT's 310 Twin Paint Scheme. Basic design is still there some changes. Total hours worked: 7:1/2. ...
(Kennyptho, , 243.6 KB)
08-27-2008 1005
Golberg Ultimate
(Kennyptho, , 65.9 KB)
06-02-2008 785
Boo Ray from the 3d tards kennyptho's paint scheme
(Kennyptho, , 324.8 KB)
04-02-2007 430
extra330L DC bullitholes._CS
ken's extra330Ldc color scheme
(Kennyptho, , 108.6 KB)
06-02-2008 903
Kentucky Fried Chicken, in your neighbourhood,Kernel Sanders alway makes it finger lickin good... Folks this is NOT ...
(Kennyptho, , 1.32 MB)
01-08-2007 36345
KennyS C-17 Globemaster III_AV
(Kennyptho, , 6.4 KB)
01-08-2007 2076
Howdy All Its been awhile scence i last been on here posting ... Miss me ??!!! lol ya right lol JOKE This post is, of ...
(Kennyptho, , 295.2 KB)
12-31-2006 832
king of the hill
(Kennyptho, , 2.96 MB)
01-10-2007 2599
I was asked to paint a RED BULL last-night in RCMAC ( cow color scheme ) I named it CAD COW... Here you go Elvis is thi...
(Kennyptho, , 1.41 MB)
01-07-2007 863
????? I'm Covered in Fries, and the Kids, Love me.!!! I have a big red smile, red heir, and big red shoes..... WHO AM...
(Kennyptho, , 1.15 MB)
01-11-2007 2242
Top-Flight 310 twin_CS
Expansion Pack 4; needed for this color scheme: Top Flight's 310 Twin painted to red And hot pink. landing painted too...
(Kennyptho, , 225.4 KB)
11-08-2007 770

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