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F-20 Silver_CS
Another Silver Color Schem for my F-20g... Enjoy ! Andrzej
(arb6591, , 1.00 MB)
12-30-2007 1272
Model is based on the F-20 Tigershark . All G3 modeling is the work of Andrzej Borysewicz. The g suffix indicates tha...
(arb6591, , 2.47 MB)
8.8 04-06-2007 12562
PZL-104 Green_CS
Green CS by Andrzej Borysewicz
(arb6591, , 399.9 KB)
11-04-2008 1322
PZL-104 Yellow_CS
Yellow CS by Andrzej Borysewicz
(arb6591, , 331.9 KB)
11-04-2008 1481
PZL104 edit by flip3d_GS_AV
This is AV made by Flip2d and I give him all the credit. I am posting it here because he had problems uploading it. ...
(arb6591, , 30.8 KB)
11-15-2008 1218
PZL104 edit by flip3d_VP_AV
Variable pitch AV for PZL-104 As the previous AV, this one is completely done by Flip3d with all due credit. Very ...
(arb6591, , 28.3 KB)
11-15-2008 1010
PZL-104 is Polish designed and built STOL aircraft. As far as my research go, PZL-104 is the first STOL plane available...
(arb6591, , 968.2 KB)
9.6 11-04-2008 18549
Research G4_CS
Research CS for VP-124G4 by Andrzej Borysewicz .
(arb6591, , 436.7 KB)
02-04-2008 916
Research CS for VP-124 by Andrzej Borysewicz
(arb6591, , 437.1 KB)
02-04-2008 606
SU-27-Russian Knights CS_CS
Older SU-27 Russian Knights Color Scheme for those who liked it in G3.5 Created by Andrzej Borysewicz with gimp
(arb6591, , 50.7 KB)
12-29-2007 2819
Please update to the latest G3.5 version. Some user were experiencing "bad" flying characteristics using old...
(arb6591, , 4.51 MB)
9.4 10-03-2007 42544
My older SU-27g edited for G4 with new Indonesian color sceme. Russian Knights scheme available. 3D modeling, Physics...
(arb6591, , 3.37 MB)
12-29-2007 23744
Travel G4_CS
Travel CS for VP-124G4 by Andrzej Borysewicz.
(arb6591, , 1.36 MB)
02-04-2008 825
Travel Cs for VP-124 by Andrzej Borysewicz
(arb6591, , 1.36 MB)
02-04-2008 650
This is VP-124G4 converted for G4. This is the Vertiplane VP-124 VTOL aircraft. Itís a 10th scale model of a 6 passen...
(arb6591, , 1.35 MB)
9.7 02-03-2008 16880
Please download correct AV from here: http://www.knifeedge.com/forums/showthread.php?p=107275#post107275 and make sure...
(arb6591, , 1.35 MB)
9.9 01-30-2008 13805

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