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After a LONG, HARD journey with this model, I present the 33%Pitts S1. This model is toned down as requested, but with a...
(abaser, , 993.7 KB)
07-11-2012 6195
Align T-Rex 500 PRO DFC_EA
The Align T-Rex 500 PRO DFC as requested by csgill75. With slowed servos to better match the stock Align servos, this on...
(abaser, , 11.67 MB)
12-09-2013 6143
Citabria Aerobatic Pro_EA
My version of the Balsa USA Citabria Aerobatic Pro. This rare model was done by request, and features both the single an...
(abaser, , 2.26 MB)
03-07-2018 680
CMP Flying Dragon R-3D_EA
Here is the CMPro Flying Dragon. This model features fully modeled internal structure and bumped in wing ribs on the ski...
(abaser, , 3.77 MB)
12-24-2012 2526
Eratix Grim Reaper_EA
A CS turned EA. Thanks to Jeffpn for the modifications to the origional Eratix and his permission to use it. All wooden ...
(abaser, , 3.63 MB)
03-28-2011 2384
Extra 330s Purple and Black_CS
My first CS. No real theme to it just a collaboration of things as I learned.
(abaser, , 1.96 MB)
11-21-2010 494
Im slowly losing things on my computer again, so I thought Id upload while I still can. This is the Fairey Feroce (Fanto...
(abaser, , 11.78 MB)
02-26-2013 2113
Hangar 9 Piper Pawnee RF 6_AV
A physics rework of the 5.5 Pawnee to fly correctly in 6.
(abaser, , 27.4 KB)
12-05-2011 1235
Hangar 9 Piper Pawnee_EA
As a request, here is the Hangar 9 Piper Pawnee. Used largely in the agricultural industry and for towing gliders, this ...
(abaser, , 1.12 MB)
12-04-2011 6653
Jeff's Avatar_EA
This one's for you Jeff. This started out as an attempt to get my 8 yr old son interested in RF. He loves Jeffs headbang...
(abaser, , 76.6 KB)
05-03-2011 2111
American flag theme. Hope you enjoy.
(abaser, , 3.08 MB)
12-12-2010 530
pitts s-12 edit_CS
A repost after Uncle Twist touched the origional with his magic hands to fix the canopy stripes. A big thank you . This ...
(abaser, , 1.38 MB)
02-21-2011 1159
Raven RF6 edit
(abaser, , 31.2 KB)
12-07-2011 829
My first scratch build upload. This is a 150cc EG Aircraft Raven done in the Delro CS. This would not have been possible...
(abaser, , 1,012.0 KB)
9.7 05-03-2011 6380
Sig Hog Bipe_EA
The Sig Hog Bipe is a fun Bi-plane to fly. I was personally fortunate enough to own one of these at one time and loved i...
(abaser, , 3.97 MB)
11-24-2014 3649
The Hangar 9 Tribute 36. Slightly overpowered with a .40 installed, but still a fun little plane. This one has a few bat...
(abaser, , 1.24 MB)
01-05-2013 1688
Turbine Toucan_6_AV
Edit of the 5.5 Toucan for RF6
(abaser, , 30.8 KB)
12-06-2011 607
Turbine Toucan_EA
After a long haul, the Turbine Toucan is born. As my second build, this one was a true learning experience. I tried to i...
(abaser, , 2.15 MB)
09-21-2011 3543
yak-54 fluid_CS
My second CS. Made for the G5 Yak-54. Please rate, comment, and enjoy.
(abaser, , 513.5 KB)
12-01-2010 652

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