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Bugatti (MACH 5)._CS
For everyone and especially the guys who are racing this aircraft online. And a trick us old racers used: A asymmetric...
(Katonka, , 204.7 KB)
09-03-2008 905
F-4 (M) CHP #502._CS
This is just a joke. Some will like it, some won't. "I can handle that" I've written a lot of articles for...
(Katonka, , 381.0 KB)
07-29-2008 876
F-4B Phantom II (Sundowners) V...
This is my third time doing this CS. My first time offering it for Doug's missile firing F-4. Each time I have add...
(Katonka, , 661.9 KB)
10-13-2008 789
F-4B VF-111 (Sundowners)._CS
"THIS IS A TOTALLY RE-DONE CS" I wouldn't even want to try and count the hours in this one. This is my f...
(Katonka, , 450.2 KB)
07-26-2008 758
F-4B VMFA-531 (Gray Ghost)._CS
"Can you see the yellow smoke?" "I see the yellow smoke." "Put it 500 clicks north of the...
(Katonka, , 403.3 KB)
07-27-2008 956
F-4C Phantom II (Scat XXVII) ...
"OH I have slipped the surly bonds of Earth . . . And done a hundred things you have not dreamed of . . . UP, up th...
(Katonka, , 396.8 KB)
08-28-2008 1120
F-4J White Bunny._CS
Yes, this is a scale color scheme And it is a re-do from my old CS here with added detail and a correction brought to...
(Katonka, , 339.8 KB)
07-30-2008 971
T-38 Talon_CS
This is the color scheme I use on my T-38. It is from one of the chase planes used by the Air Force at Edwards Air ...
(Katonka, , 825.0 KB)
11-19-2008 1025

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