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AC-130U Spooky II_AV
Switch Edit: 105mm howitzer-DR up 25mm cannon-3 pos away 40mm cannon-3 pos toward Flares have been edited WARNI...
(Cowpig, , 32.2 KB)
09-24-2010 2084
F-16X Super Falcon_AV
NOVELTY ITEM ONLY Modified F-16-Mach 2. WINGS ARE SUPPOSED TO BREAK OFF. Control roll inflight with aileron stick. ...
(Cowpig, , 21.4 KB)
09-24-2010 887
General Atomics MQ-9B Reaper_A...
This is an updated version with ball camera physics fixed, since they weren't right the first time and camera speed has ...
(Cowpig, , 44.9 KB)
10-30-2010 1365
Grumman F7F Tigercat-Flares_AV
F7F Tigercat Faster, 217MPH top speed, guns on DR. Brakes on full flaps. Pull flaps knob a NOTCH back, and pust 3 pos...
(Cowpig, , 44.4 KB)
09-29-2010 1065
NexSTAR-No speed brakes. Even though the visual mesh can be seen, I deleted the small 'dive brake' flap-thing from unde...
(Cowpig, , 23.3 KB)
09-24-2010 470
Tempest MK VI_CS
My first contribution for Realflight. This is a color scheme for the Tempest in one of my games, and I thought it would ...
(Cowpig, , 2.22 MB)
09-19-2010 805
UH-1 Huey Gunship_AV
UH-1 Huey with guns and 7 burst rocket pod, as well as a minigun position. Side-door Minigun-DR switch Rocket pods-3...
(Cowpig, , 39.7 KB)
09-24-2010 1461

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