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A Paridise In Space_PI
this is my first patorama made with GIMP This Site Has A Cave And Two Suns One Orange And a red Dwarf Enjoy
(hilcat72, , 2.63 MB)
08-19-2012 768
A-10 Fansy_AV
I Added Halo Smoke And Contrails Enjoy
(hilcat72, , 28.7 KB)
08-02-2012 439
AF Reserves 014 B-52H_CS
Let Me Know What You Think About The Bump Map Enjoy
(hilcat72, , 588.0 KB)
07-25-2012 501
AR-6 Crystalmint_CS
I Love Orbit Gum So I Made This One Guess What is my favorte color anyway i added shiny crome apperance hope you like it...
(hilcat72, , 993.1 KB)
07-07-2012 188
AR-6 Endeavor Orbit Citrusmint...
A AR-6 Orbit Citrusmint Hope Yall Like This CS Wait For More Color Schemes To Come Have Fun
(hilcat72, , 963.4 KB)
06-14-2012 217
AR-6 Endeavor Orbit Maui Melon...
A AR-6 Orbit Maui Melon Mint Hope Yall Like This CS Have Fun
(hilcat72, , 1.10 MB)
06-14-2012 198
AR-6 Endeavor Orbit Wintermint...
a Orbit Wintermint AR-6 Hope Yall Like This CS And Others Too Have Fun
(hilcat72, , 996.1 KB)
06-14-2012 194
B-52 BD AFRC AF 61 008_CS
A B-52H AF 61 008 Enjoy
(hilcat72, , 2.05 MB)
08-04-2012 725
Cave Exploration And Racing Co...
Took Me A lot of work to make this flying site Start Where The White Smoke You Know When You Finished When You See Light...
(hilcat72, , 352.9 KB)
08-15-2012 330
Crome Racer_CS
I Made This CS Have A Crome Apperance And Graphics Home Made 40% Even The Pilot Uniform Has Siamese Cat Markings 100% Ho...
(hilcat72, , 636.2 KB)
06-27-2012 248
Extra 300L 3 Musketeers Mint_C...
I Enanced The Logos on this Extra 300L Hope You like It
(hilcat72, , 4.79 MB)
08-25-2012 225
Extra 300SP_RC
My Extra 300SP Flying At Cave Exploration And Racing Course
(hilcat72, , 143.2 KB)
09-01-2012 289
F-15 FansyMachContrail_AV
I Removed That Nasty Gyro That Causes That Shaking Also Put Contrail Smoke And Halo Smoke When You Kick the afterburner...
(hilcat72, , 21.7 KB)
08-01-2012 410
F-15C Ducted Fan Camo_CS
Perhaps Nellis Air Force Base might Have A F-15 That Looks Like This Someday I Made A N_ TGA File For This CS To Make I...
(hilcat72, , 31.05 MB)
09-15-2012 545
F-15C USAF Splinter Camo_CS
A F-15C From Nellis Air Force Splinter Pattern Camo Enjoy
(hilcat72, , 12.39 MB)
08-03-2012 516
F-15E LN AF 91 303_CS
A F-15E From RAF Lakenheath Air Force Base Enjoy
(hilcat72, , 12.65 MB)
07-26-2012 433
F-15E WA 17 WPS_CS
This F-15E Is From Nellis Air Force Base NV Enjoy
(hilcat72, , 12.69 MB)
07-26-2012 393
F-16 Falcon Stable flyer_AV
Removed That Lousy Gyro Off that F-16 Hope You Enjoy This
(hilcat72, , 19.5 KB)
08-01-2012 620
F-16A Inproved Final_AV
this Is The Final Series Of this F-16a Inproved Afterburner Transonic Smoke On CH-8 Removed Missiles And Flares Are Remo...
(hilcat72, , 23.5 KB)
07-06-2012 673
A Blue Camo NASA F-16A Hope You have Fun Doing Experments Like Missle Shooting In The Desert Like NASA Does With There F...
(hilcat72, , 884.9 KB)
05-31-2012 473

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