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A5M4 "Claude" Generic physics, Stationary gear, flaps with hook ch6 knob, first attempt using normal maps.
(brentg, , 6.51 MB)
04-27-2009 2281
A6M5 Zero, Not to take anything away from DHK79's & Efinkg's earlier effort of the Zero, I wanted to make one a litt...
(brentg, , 2.63 MB)
9.3 10-16-2007 8178
AD2_SkyShark............CounterRotate props.......Generic Physics, Retracts ch7 ................Flaps Rotary Knob.
(brentg, , 1.88 MB)
9.5 01-29-2008 6346
Air Vista scheme for PT-40, converted and resized to higher resolution, original author Patrick Joyce.
(brentg, , 1.21 MB)
01-26-2007 628
AN-2 Antonov , This was a requested aircraft, Generic physics, Stationary gear, Flaps ch6 knob.
(brentg, , 2.47 MB)
06-06-2009 3774
Sig AstroHog, Based on one of my own models, The flyin pig as my 2 yr old calls it. Great slow flyer but will do anythi...
(brentg, , 572.4 KB)
08-04-2007 2666
Sig Astro Hog...I just dug this plane back out again this summer for some real world flying and looked back at the 3.5 v...
(brentg, , 1.14 MB)
12-15-2010 2240
The Bi-plane version of the Sig AstroHog. Thanks to Op for input.
(brentg, , 1.44 MB)
10-16-2007 3874
B-17F_Witches Tit_CS
B-17 "Witches Tit" This scheme is for Cowboy's outstanding aircraft. The term was used by the crew members who...
(brentg, , 4.32 MB)
06-09-2009 1532
B-17 "Witches Tit" G3.5 ver. Scheme for Cowboy's B-17.The term was used by the crew members who's bodies were ...
(brentg, , 4.15 MB)
06-10-2009 1272
B-25 "Old Glory"As requested . Tail feathers and ser.# are not correct due to mapping.
(brentg, , 2.76 MB)
09-09-2007 1362
Revised: Camo B25 Mitchell scheme, Repaint on Inky00's base b25 scheme.
(brentg, , 2.62 MB)
03-05-2007 1712
Bell H-13_MASH_4077th_CS
M*A*S*H 4077th scheme for Bell H-13. Total repaint over the standard scheme.
(brentg, , 411.9 KB)
05-12-2007 1449
Belligerent Bets # 77 a P-51 from the 319th FS, 325th FG as requested.
(brentg, , 2.94 MB)
04-12-2007 1334
BF-110C... Generic Physics, Retracts ch7, Flaps rotary knob.
(brentg, , 2.58 MB)
9.7 02-08-2008 8070
L-19 Bird Dog... Total re-make of the 3.5 version... Flaps ch6 roll knob. Thanks to Dhk79 for his hard work on the physi...
(brentg, , 2.19 MB)
11-12-2009 3514
Blackburn B25 ROC Generic flight model... Retracts ch7 switch Flaps ch6 roll knob also controls tail hook Front an...
(brentg, , 2.77 MB)
01-10-2010 2950
Camo scheme for Phranks super looking Blade cx2 heli, When i get one of these this is how i want it to look.
(brentg, , 1.78 MB)
04-17-2007 1335
Bonanza P-39 camo scheme
(brentg, , 583.5 KB)
01-18-2007 565
Finnish Brewster B-239 BW-372 yes....a great story...
(brentg, , 2.79 MB)
04-06-2009 630

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