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4P Canadian Snowbirds_CS
This is the Canadian Snowbird flying team Color scheme for the Formation 4 model Enjoy. Junkboy999
(Junkboy999, , 169.9 KB)
03-04-2009 682
4P Red Arrows_CS
This is the Red Arrows Color scheme for the Formation 4 model Enjoy. Junkboy999
(Junkboy999, , 112.6 KB)
03-04-2009 644
4P Thunderbirds_CS
This is the US Air Force Thunderbirds Color scheme for the Formation 4 model Enjoy. Junkboy999
(Junkboy999, , 177.2 KB)
03-04-2009 828
Avro CF-105 Arrow._AV
Avro Arrow CF-105 It is now a super flyer. This is my first AV to the forum. I hope you like it. flys great. Same con...
(Junkboy999, , 20.6 KB)
03-28-2008 885
Blue Max_EA
As our Hero Patrols the sky's in his BLUE MAX , looking for evil and cheap foamies. We wish him well This is My Blue...
(Junkboy999, , 1.75 MB)
03-22-2009 2913
Boeing 747 Kiss Jet_CS
You wanted the Best, You got the Best. The Hotest band in the world KIZZ ! ! ! This Model did not have a left and a ...
(Junkboy999, , 453.0 KB)
01-25-2008 1891
Wichita Kansas, Chapin Field, This is just the first draft of one of the three flying fields in Wichita. This is just ...
(Junkboy999, , 4.05 MB)
02-28-2008 1133
Citabria Blue-White_CS
Citabria Blue-White. Good Contrast in the sky.
(Junkboy999, , 167.0 KB)
01-09-2008 514
Citabria Classic._EA
Modeled off of the 1964, 7ECA Champion Citabria. Enjoy Model: Junkboy999 Physic: Cowboy / Junkboy999 Engine: ...
(Junkboy999, , 1.58 MB)
9.8 05-07-2008 7387
Citabria Green-White_CS
Citabria Green-White.
(Junkboy999, , 166.5 KB)
01-09-2008 456
Citabria LBlue-White_CS
Citabria Light (teal) Blue-White.
(Junkboy999, , 164.3 KB)
01-09-2008 400
Citabria Orange-White_CS
Citabria Orange-White. Another simple one.
(Junkboy999, , 165.5 KB)
01-09-2008 465
Citabria Purple-White_CS
WOW! ! A Pruple Citabria, Com on' you know you want to fly a Pruple RC, I wont tell.
(Junkboy999, , 165.4 KB)
01-09-2008 423
Citabria Red-White_CS
Citabria Red-White. Simple Red and white one. standard paint job.
(Junkboy999, , 168.7 KB)
01-09-2008 521
Citabria StarWing-T-GW._CS
Green and wite One with stars on the top of the wings just for fun Enjoy
(Junkboy999, , 170.9 KB)
04-20-2008 652
Citabria StarWing-T-OW._CS
Nice Orange and wite I forgot to upload Enjoy
(Junkboy999, , 168.3 KB)
04-20-2008 565
Crazy Floating Panda._AV
This is a lighter version of the Crazy Panda with a smaller engine. Fun to hover and flip. Just for FUN #3Channel, ...
(Junkboy999, , 26.2 KB)
05-04-2008 727
Crazy Panda WWII._CS
Just for Fun!No need to Rate ! This is Bill's Crazy Panda from Wisconsin, Northern Aces Airshow team. Hi Billy
(Junkboy999, , 89.2 KB)
05-26-2008 501
Crazy Panda._EA
Modeled after the World Models Mfg Crazy Panda 40 Version. This is a nice Sunday fly. 3 Channel, Throttle, Elevators ...
(Junkboy999, , 380.2 KB)
05-03-2008 2973
SBD Dauntless 3D Model: Phrank Texture Map and Pivot Points: Phrank Physics: Cowboy Colorscheme Junkboy999 Ge...
(Junkboy999, , 2.73 MB)
9.7 03-14-2008 6978

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