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A6M3 V-174 Tainan Kokutai._CS
Tainan Kokutai Air Group. Tail number V-174. One of the aircraft under the command of WW2 ace Junichi Sasai.
(Vikingwarrior, , 1.14 MB)
08-07-2008 711
Airliner Scheme 747._CS
JAL Airlines 747
(Vikingwarrior, , 425.8 KB)
07-25-2008 1237
Convair XFY-1 Pogo DSA._AV
This is the Convair Pogo, It is a bit easier to fly, but I still can't get it to land...
(Vikingwarrior, , 31.5 KB)
06-09-2008 706
German Pond._CS
Paint Scheme for what would be the colors of a German Racing Team.
(Vikingwarrior, , 167.0 KB)
05-01-2008 670
Huey Open door._CS
Just a huey with the door opened, I couldn't figure out how to make it open or how to put in an interior.
(Vikingwarrior, , 894.6 KB)
04-29-2008 721
Inkys Ornithopter Eagle Class ...
This is Similar to the Osprey Class, I gave it a larger wingspan and a unique Aileron System. You don't have to do much ...
(Vikingwarrior, , 26.8 KB)
04-22-2008 783
Inkys Ornithopter Osprey Class...
This is TheOmnihopter with bent gull wings, so I classified it as the Osprey Class Omnihopter.
(Vikingwarrior, , 26.8 KB)
04-21-2008 743
Inkys Ornithopter Robin Class....
This is called the Robin Class. It is much more stable. The wings respond to orders like a normal bird (roll, diving, ec...
(Vikingwarrior, , 26.7 KB)
05-08-2008 894
L-39 Red chase plane._CS
In 007 Tomorrow Never Dies, James Bond flies in a yellow L-39, just like the one from G3.5, he goes into a dogfight agai...
(Vikingwarrior, , 947.6 KB)
06-30-2008 549
Pond Racer Flat Multi wing._AV
This is not for realistic flying, stunt only. It is just an idea I had, less drag, more control surface, It does not app...
(Vikingwarrior, , 25.5 KB)
05-07-2008 494
SU-37 Terminator._AV
I edited the Su-33 into a Su-37....(A Su-35 with Thrust Vectoring)....(Su-33 is the naval version of the Su-35)
(Vikingwarrior, , 22.7 KB)
04-19-2008 1827

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