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33% Pitts edit 1_AV
*Corrected elevator tip throws on this one Missed those with the first varient. Vertical and over all performance is...
(Hab, , 48.7 KB)
07-17-2012 813
80's Chaos Pattern Ship_CS
1st attempt at doing a colors using Gimp. Retro color scheme for the Chaos....FAI Pattern competition.
(Hab, , 136.6 KB)
01-02-2012 478
Byron Originals Pitts edit OS ...
Byron Pitts Edit for G5.5
(Hab, , 38.1 KB)
02-22-2012 429
Flight physics edit to Boof's Kaos. Engine tweaked just a little. Low trim on throttle, plane won't roll at an idle. ...
(Hab, , 31.6 KB)
11-19-2011 660
Killer Chaos G5_AV
Changed a few things for better physics in G5.
(Hab, , 29.0 KB)
12-27-2011 428

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